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Daily Bullets: Ford says ‘it wasn’t the way we drew it up’

Old players question current regime, Smart learns from LeBron, and something to build on.



CoffeeI started this on Monday, I think it could be fun.


Brian Montonati: “You know, there’s a lot of off-the-court issues and some questions with some guys behavior-wise. I’m not saying just getting in trouble, but I’m saying, you lose to your rival and you have a day off and there were some guys getting tattoos and things like that. I don’t know, but I know when we played for Coach, that sort of stuff didn’t go on.” Some intense quotes in here. (Tulsa World)

Ubben did a piece on the Markel 360. Some great quotes in here. (Fox Sports SW)

Jeff Borzello says OSU-ISU pushed Duke-Syracuse for game of the year so far. (CBS Sports)

Nash: “It’s been frustrating coming off the Baylor loss and losing Stevie, one of our key teammates and one of my good friends. It was hard but we had to fight through it. You know, life moves on, and we had to get ready for Iowa State.” (Scout)

I guess I can’t complain about Smart when he’s just learning from the best. (Big Lead)

That first photo is so, so good. (Flickr)

Eamonn Brennan on Smart’s leadership and flopping. Interesting take. (ESPN)

10 thoughts on the game from me. (PFB)

Ford: “There were things we can build on that we haven’t seen in the last week and a half. That’s the positive part of it. We just need to go get a win and go from there. We need to play with that kind of effort for 40 minutes.” I actually agree with this. (ESPN)

The greatest OSU-related GIF ever. (PFB)

Ford on the end of the game: “It wasn’t the way we drew it up, but I won’t get into that very much,. It’s just a guy trying his hardest. They did a pretty good job defensively. Le’Bryan popped open and got the ball, and it wasn’t a bad scenario. It wasn’t the best shot, but we were going to have to take a tough shot at that point.” I didn’t think there was anything to draw? Did we call a timeout I don’t remember?? (NewsOK)

Here’s probably a better recap of the game than what I wrote. I was reeling last night. (Sports Illustrated)

The reaction to Stevie Clark’s dismissal was interesting. I wish somebody would just sit around and do Twitter roundups for every possible OSU event. I would, but they take forever. (NewsOK)

Hoiberg: “To gut this win out was huge. It would have been a very difficult loss fighting three overtimes and walking out of here with a loss. I’m proud of our guys for finding a way to win it.” (ESPN)

Sean was at the game last night. (NewsOK)

Nash had no idea what was happening at the end of the game, apparently. (O’Colly)

We are a national joke. (Big Lead)


Desmond Roland was one of the worst in the country at something called “highlight yards.” Pretty interesting. (Football Study Hall)

Guys…our punting game is back. (NewsOK)

How the best recruits from four years ago panned out. OSU only had one of them. (ESPN)

Jared Lorenzen update, everybody. He’s monstrous. (Deadspin)

OSU is getting a linebacker with a Josh Groban-y voice. Nice. (Tulsa World)


This banquet looks fantastic, Josh Holliday is crushing. (Flickr)

KD doesn’t like his nickname. That’s unfortunate. (Fox Sports SW)

On the guys who run one of Twitter’s most popular accounts. Teenagers! (Atlantic)

Goodness, this on PSH is well-written. (Esquire)

JFDI. Via Michael Lane (Medium)

What Twitter needs to do better with its design. (Monday Note)


Here are the last few minutes of the game.


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