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Daily Bullets: Gundy takes friendly jab at Les Miles offense

Caleb Lavey on the importance of Calvin Barnett, @danbeebe crushed Baylor last night, and Mike Yurcich in camo.




Desmond Roland: “We’ve got some great coaches, Coach Wick has been in this game for a long time, he’s the best in the Big 12.” (O’Colly)

I don’t know why but this made me laugh a lot. Dude is kinda weird. (Deadspin)

Really good interview with Chelf here. Some interesting stuff on his favorite memories and relationship with Colton. (O’Colly)

The @danbeebe account was unreal after the Baylor game last night. (Twitter)

Gundy on Mizzou coach Josh Henson (who used to be at OSU): “We had a lot of discussions of what he and I thought would be productive some day in college football that would go on deaf ears with Les because it didn’t involve two tight ends and a fullback.” Why didn’t we get a Les-Gundy matchup, would have been awesome. (NewsOK)

This catch by Odell Beckham was a joke. (Big Lead)

Caleb Lavey on Calvin Barnett: “People don’t realize, if I didn’t have Calvin up there, I would get no tackles. I would have a bad season.” (NewsOK)

Pretty cool insight here from a former O-Stater on how Gundy handles an offense. He loves big plays. (Scout)

I’m in 390th in our bowl picks group. Yikes. (Yahoo)

JW Walsh: “At this point, we’re all just kind of prepared for whatever. As long as whoever’s on the field is always prepared like they’re the starter and prepared to play, then I think we’ll have success as a football team.” Huh? (NewsOK)

Why motivation won’t be an issue in Dallas. (NewsOK)

Kye Staley on Rennie Childs: “I feel like he is going to be a running back of the future for Oklahoma State.” (Tulsa World)

The last Big 12 team to win the Cotton Bowl was….Missouri. (Big 12 Sports)

A look back at the Big 12 in BCS games. As Ubben pointed out last night, the only teams to not make it were Tech, Iowa State, and Mizzou. (ESPN)

Mike Yurcich in camo? Mike Yurcich in camo. (Flickr)

Gary Patterson personally responded to an OKStateProbs tweet last night. (PFB)

Pretty ballsy headline here. (Scout)


Good point here by CBS Sports, Cobbins was pretty great against KU last year. (CBS Sports)

Congrats to my man Carson Cunningham for breaking this story, bummer that it was…well…this story. (KOCO)

On what to do without Cobbins in the lineup. I got carried away with Stevie at the point, but you see the issue. (PFB)

Is Wichita State going to go undefeated? (Yahoo)


The most astonishing images of 2013. Bye, 15 minutes. This is amazing. (Gizmodo)

Go from nothing to well-read in 100 books. (Book Riot)

Bryce Petty flips into the endzone, his mom freaks.

This is great.

This guy.

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