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Daily Bullets: Gundy says OSU defense is best he’s had

The problem with thinking OSU isn’t going fast, Texas State Fair stories, OSU’s baseball recruiting class is elite.




Gundy on the best defense he’s ever had. (Tulsa World)

The problem with thinking OSU isn’t playing fast. (PFB)

I went on this trip with Ubben and I can confirm the live goat birth was one of the more traumatic experiences of my life. (Fox SW)

More great fair stories here. I have yet to try fried beer. (B/R)

Gundy says TCU is the most complete team OSU has played to date. (NewsOK)

They will, however, be without Devonte Fields. (CBS Sports)

Art Briles says he can’t see himself anywhere else. (CBS Sports)

OSU is No. 23 in the new F/+ rankings. (Football Outsiders)

This on Justin Blackmon and Dez and the routes they run is terrific. (CRFF)

Oregon probably laughs at teams wearing new unis against them but these helmets are sweet. (CBS Sports)

We can talk all we want about Baylor or whatever but I really, really like Briles. (Football Study Hall)

Why are we still doing per game numbers? Bueller? (NewsOK)

Is OU carrying the torch for the Big 12? (ESPN)



Cowgirls picked third in Big 12 preseason poll. (Big 12 Sports)

Here’s the Wiggins story from SI yesterday. (Sports Illustrated)

GIA’s mini-makeover. (PFB)

Welp, Rick Barnes’ days sound like they’re numbered. (Yahoo)


OSU with the No. 5 recruiting class in the country in baseball. Wow. (O’Colly)

Somebody tried to pay $75 mil for three extra episodes of Breaking Bad. (Variety)

Derrick Rose dressed up as one of the Duck Dynasty characters for Halloween and it was pretty awesome. (Deadspin)

If you like old stories, this one’s pretty great. Gay Talese annotating his Frank Sinatra story from 1965. (Nieman Storyboard)

Cool look at a new shooting stat. Wish we had this for college hoops. (Deadspin)

The Clowney narrative is off the rails. (Big Lead)

These perfectly-timed TV graphics at sporting events are killer. (Deadspin)

Gah, I can’t wait.

Cool graphic here.

Have you guys ever seen this dude? Just me because I sit in my mom’s basement all day? He’s hilarious.

This is geopolitics not couples therapy. 

Because this is coming soon..

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