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Daily Bullets: Holliday says it’s time to ‘roll up our sleeves’

A Peter Uihlein update, Smart to the Celts (?), another QB recruit, and a funny Monken story.




Josh Stewart will make it in the NFL. He is too versatile and too much of a big play threat to not make it in some way. (CRFF)

Another QB? (Rivals)

Blake Webb looks up to Danny Amendola. Shocking. These should be a mad lib. (okstate)

This is terrific: 100 things to know about the college football season. Mentions OSU-FSU. (CBS Sports)

Former offensive coordinator Todd Monken once said that Gundy is so rigid to his schedule that when Monken asked for extra practice time to implement new wrinkles, he was told to fit them in the regular window or forget it. (NewsOK)

What’s the most important position to recruit? (PFB)

OSU’s strongest and weakest positions. I probably agree. (ESPN)


DraftExpress has Smart to the Celts at No. 5 and Markel to the Spurs late in the 2nd. That’d be about the most Spurs pick ever. Oh a proven college guy who works hard and will do the things you want him to do and never hasn’t gotten better year over year? And he’s available late in the second round for minimal money? Take him! (DraftExpress)

Speaking of…the lottery is tonight. (Sports Illustrated)

Lol, Kamari Murphy wants to be “closer to home.” (NewsOK)

Hoiberg is a transfer champion. (Yahoo)

James Fraschilla is such a jokester. (Big Lead)


Good luck at how OSU polished off its Big 12 title. (PFB)

Zach Fish on Josh Holliday: “He’s done a fantastic job. He’s used guys in perfect situations, to where he knows they’re going to be able to do something to help the ball club. He always says if you work hard and you train hard, when you meet an opportunity, you’re going to be able to succeed.” (NewsOK)

Holliday: We’ve got to roll up our sleeves and get ready for the next portion of our season which is the Big 12 Tournament.” (Scout)

Vince Wheeland is a beast and is rewarded as Big 12 Pitcher of the Year by the Oklahoman. (NewsOK)

My gosh. Since winning the 2004 Big 12 Tournament, OSU is 4-16 in the league event. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the full All-Big 12 roster through the lenses of the Oklahoman. (NewsOK)

Anybody going to the Big 12 Tournament? Tickets are pretty decently priced. (Big 12 Sports)


Wow, this basketball jerseys poster is incredible. (Deadspin)

This dude from Baylor ran a 9.77 100 at the Big 12 Championships. Wind-aided but my gosh, that’s nearly the world record. Tyreek Hill did not compete. (Deadspin)

Baseball preview here.

Great feature on Peter Uihlein.

Smart says the shoving incident has come up in “every interview.”

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