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Daily Bullets: How good is JW Walsh?

Great Ronald Jones story, Markel sees himself as a Westbrook type, Scott Verplank on his injuries.




This is insanely sad. A former Auburn football player (that you undoubtedly remember) died over the weekend. (CBS Sports)

I shouldn’t really say anything considering we’re still harboring an alleged shooter with the intent to kill and a proven child pornographer but good job, Kliff. (Yahoo)

How tragedy shaped Ronald Jones II. Another sad story here but a cool ending. His coach: “He told me he doesn’t want anybody to think he’s better than anyone else.” (NewsOK)

Wow, these guys have OSU starting out 5-0 in football this year. (Dallas News)

Why unofficial visits are a necessary evil. (NewsOK)

Good stuff here on just how good JW Walsh is. (CRFF)


This is good — 17 thoughts on the Celtics and the NBA Draft. I keep being told that Rondo and Smart can play together. I’m pretty skeptical. (Boston)

Ford: I told every NBA team that called that I know the season is 82 games long, but this guy’s approach is never going to waver. It’s just the way he’s wired. He’s going to be this way every night, every practice. He’s also a tank. He’s built to play for a long time.” (Boston Herald)

The Nets sure sounds like a fun situation for Markel to walk into. (Nets Daily)

Markel coming strong here: I see myself ending up like a (Russell) Westbrook-type of player.” (Tulsa World)

Celts get a C+ from my colleagues for their pick. (CBS Sports)


Berry Tramel’s first entry from Italy. Awesome. (NewsOK)

Last time I’ll post this for now — I have three slots left for football sponsorships on Pistols Firing. Let me know if you want one (or if you know someone who wants one). (PFB)

Flat-rate tuition, that’s interesting. You can pay for 15 hours and take 18. (Insurance News Net)

Former Cowgirls basketball coach died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. (Tulsa World)

Scotty Verplank: “I’m not very good at taking time off to let my body heal. That’s a good and bad trait. It’s good that I grind, but it’s bad that I sometimes don’t take enough time off.” (NewsOK)

OSU was ranked 10th in (one of) the final baseball poll(s). (okstate)

The most insane amusement park ever. (Daily Motion)

The Holland-Mexico game was wild. (Deadspin)


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