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Daily Bullets: Huge OSU-KU roundup

Gundy wanted to fire Wickline, new tennis facility photos, and the OSU women have the best bball team in Stillwater.




Berry wrote what I wrote after the Cobbins injury: Big 12 hopes don’t look good but OSU could make some serious noise in the tournament. (NewsOK)

Ford on Embiid: “I mean, goodness, he’s so talented. He’s so good.” Good feature on Embiid here from Gary Parrish. (CBS Sports)

10 thoughts on OSU-Kansas. (PFB)

Ford: “I don’t think it’s a moral victory. But we’re going to walk out of here with our heads held high no matter what.” (Scout)

Good recap here of the game on Saturday and what it means for the Big 12 season. Some great Self quotes. (Sports Illustrated)

We have a new number for Phil Forte shots per day from Bill Self: “From what I understand, and having recruited him a little bit, the kid is just in love with the game. He can’t get enough. He works so hard on his shot. This is one thing I’ve heard from other people about him, he’ll take 1,000 shots a day just to make the one in the game. A lot of people aren’t willing to put in the time for those limited opportunities.” (NewsOK)

Kansas finally looks elite. Meh, they look good, I don’t know that they look elite. (ESPN)

CBS has OSU No. 12 after losing to Kansas. (CBS Sports)

Forte: “At halftime we knew it would take a big effort. We tried to take the game in four-minute intervals. We played as a team in the second half and if we had started like that, it might have been different.” (Big 12 Sports)

“Travis Ford told me he likes big guards.” (CBS Sports)

Here’s the skirmish from the first half. (PFB)

Self thinks the game was chippy because of what Smart said before the season about Wiggins? “Marcus Smart never said anything that was one bit negative. Andrew Wiggins never said anything that was negative. … But the media was able to play on that and because the media played on it, I think both teams were turned up pretty good today.” (Tulsa World)

OSU has now lost 17 of 18 at AFH. (ESPN)

Agree with this, Kansas has the driver’s seat but it’s not over yet. (NewsOK)

Interesting point here from Eric Williams on Marcus’ flopping. (Rivals)


This headline is incredible, almost like an Onion article. Good interview with Holder, though. Also, he’s worried about athletic finances? Huh? (NewsOK)

So Mike Gundy wanted Joe Wickline fired last year. What a circus. (NewsOK)

Luke Del Rio transfers to OSU. (CBS Sports)

10 redshirt freshmen to watch in 2014 includes one from Oklahoma State. (Scout)

Devon Thomas on enrolling early: “Hopefully, I can live up the expectations they want me to. I’m going to try my best to be like the rest of them.” (Tulsa World)

On the Y-corner route and why Mason Rudolph could start early for OSU. Good stuff here. (NewsOK)

Nick Saban electric slide. Giggles. (Big Lead)

Brandon Weeden on tarpon fishing. We should create the Cowboy Network, sell it to ESPN, then program him and Rashaun fishing for 12 hours a day. I’d watch. (NewsOK)

Really great look at where recruits come from. Via @landthieves. (Github)

Good Q&A here with Weeden. (NewsOK)


Oh my gosh, this Paul George dunk. (Deadspin)

Nothing can touch monocled Pete Carroll but this is pretty good. (Big Lead)

The Jamacian bobsled team is probably going to make the Olympics. No…really. (Deadspin)

The Oklahoma State girls are 16-1. Wow. (okstate)

This poor ball boy got smokes in the face at the Australian Open. (Big Lead)

Yikes, OSU lost to Pitt in wrestling. (O’Colly)

Some great shots here of OSU’s new indoor tennis facility. (Flickr)

Here’s Bill Self after the game.

And Travis Ford (drinking Muscle Milk?)

Smart and Forte.

All the highlights.

KD remixed.

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