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Daily Bullets: Is Chelf still an option?

Some great Cowboys/Cowboys tweets, Dez is a monster, Gundy to SC (?), OSU still high in power poll.




Wait, so Gundy would go to Chelf in “all-passing situations”?? Seriously? So he’s essentially saying “look, I know JW’s not as good of a passer as Chelf but we’re going to roll him out there every week but not really run him that much while he’s out there except for when he has to run for his life because our line is a sieve.” (NewsOK)

I still haven’t seen Yurcich say “that one’s on me.” (Tulsa World)

“Poor” doesn’t begin to describe it. (NewsOK)

OSU fans are second most miserable this week. Agreed. (USA Today)

#ANALYSIS (Tulsa World)

I think this is true about OSU but I’m not real optimistic. (B/R)

Wow, Gundy says the plan was good and it was the players’ fault, basically. (NewsOK)

BWW Bowl!! (ESPN)

I’m not sure why nobody else is saying this. WVU wasn’t good on Saturday, not even close. (NewsOK)

Super pumped that OSU kept that < 2-minute scoring drive streak alive. (Big 12 Sports)

Hah, it’s time to save the sky-high expectations for basketball season. Nice. (O’Colly)

Meh, I thought the secondary was really solid for how many deep balls Trickett threw. (NewsOK)

Pretty funny power poll here. (CRFF)

Ubben still has OSU at No. 3 in his power poll. (Fox SW)

Infographic box score. (PFB)

OSU is No. 21 in the new poll. (NewsOK)

Best fashion statement! (Fox SW)

OU-Baylor being the game of the year in the Big 12 crushes me. (ESPN)


Ouch. (Big Lead)

This doesn’t include last night but it’s a list of all the ways people died on Breaking Bad. And it’s really cool. (Next Impulse)

I love college football. (Big Lead)

Thought this was pretty incredible. (Between Two Ferns)

I like how Sepinwall looked at the final two episodes as an epilogue. That was the right way to view it. (Hit Fix)

Longform sports writing is exploding. (Sherman Report)

I laughed.

Finally, we’re looking at the right stats.


This will be interesting. You know Gundy would love the attention.




This is great.

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