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Daily Bullets (Jan. 29): Cade Cunningham Ascends, CJ Moore Exits



Finally had a chance to read this PFB piece processing Remember the Ten + Kobe – so good. 

Bullets Rundown

• Cade Cunningham is no. 1
• Finding optimism at 0-7
• CJ Moore out

OSU Bullets

• Cade Cunningham was recently promoted to the top spot in college basketball recruiting – why the bump?

All summer long and now all winter long, Cunningham has performed like a No. 1 prospect. A native of Texas, the guard at Montverde (Fla.) Academy never takes a game off and he is just as excellent on defense as he is as a playmaker and scorer on the offensive end. He’s a model of consistency, continues to expand his game. For those reasons and more he was deserving of a promotion to the top spot. [Rivals]

• Here’s the bad news and the good news from Monday night’s game against the Jayhawks.

Kansas plays rugged defense and has one of the nation’s most fearsome rim protectors in 7-foot Udoka Azubuike. That, however, did not excuse OSU from running stilted offense, going timid on some open shots, and taking many more poor ones… [TulsaWorld]

That’s as good of a post-mortem on the Cowboy offense as I’ve seen.

On the bright side, here’s an optimistic way to look at a disheartening scenario.

OSU is better than an 0-7 league record. A team that beats Syracuse, crushes Ole Miss and pulls out a gutty win at Houston in late November/early December – all three opponents were NCAA Tournament teams last year – shouldn’t be 0-7 in its conference. [TulsaWorld]

• Best wishes to CJ Moore as he finds a new football home (bummed to see the guy go) but this is the only fact we know around the situation that could be the cause:

When I talked to (then receivers coach Kasey) Dunn in the fall before the season started, he insinuated that the only thing holding Moore back was the importance he put on football, a Gundy staple that many players learn over the course of their careers in Stillwater. That may or may not have improved as the year went on, but from the top (Tylan) down, OSU doesn’t have a lot of room for not taking things seriously.  [PFB]

With four receivers transferring after Tylan’s announcement (I could be wrong on timing), you wonder how much of it was their excitement to compete for those targets up for grabs… that are no longer.

• The Pokes missed out on a couple of key running back targets

• This is kind of wild – two OSU football players are joining the OSU wrestling team

Non-OSU Bullets

• Economics of all-you-can-eat buffets
• Why are some flights cancelled for bad weather and others’ aren’t?
• This faith-based take based on the movie 1917 (can’t wait to see) was challenging

This sincere Kobe story wrecked this girl dad – regardless of the good and bad over time, this says something about the kind of guy he was towards the end.

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