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Daily Bullets (January 12)



Multi-Pronged Solution

The defensive coordinator problem/solution may not just be about getting a different guy in the chair.

Maybe he thought that if his program can record 10 wins with a defense ranked 99th, what might happen with a defense that could bear at least a slight resemblance to Alabama’s or Georgia’s?

While Gundy begins the process of identifying Spencer’s successor, he also might reconsider his stance on spring- and preseason-practice procedures. Rarely do the Cowboys do any big hitting and actual tackling while on the practice field. There always is the injury consideration, and Gundy understandably wants to preserve his best personnel.

At the same time, a more physical Oklahoma State defense probably would be a better Oklahoma State defense.

This is a statement of the overwhelmingly obvious, but better recruiting also is essential. [TulsaWorld]

What would Mason Rudolph have done with the 80 percent of a Georgia defense? It feels like the defenses have been progressively deeper and more talented from a depth perspective but just not collectively achieving to an expected level.

Replacing Glenn

Shout out to the incredible human that is Glenn Spencer – none better – but here’s OSU insider Robert Allen’s brief thoughts on context and who Mike Gundy will look to replace him.

Gundy now looks for the fifth defensive coordinator in his tenure. Gundy started out with Vance Bedford (2005-06) followed by Tim Beckman (2007-08), then Bill Young (2009-12) and then Spencer.

My guess is Gundy will look for a proven defensive coordinator on the Division I level, perhaps at the Group of Five level. I would also think it would be a defensive coach used to playing with a spread offense and against spread offenses. [GoPokes $]

Give me a Group of Five up-and-comer over the proverbial experienced Bill Young-type.

Something interesting could be if a change in offensive philosophy with a new quarterback affects the hire. If Yurcich gets more leash to tutor Spencer Sanders into a Zach Zulli-Harlon Hill Award winning type, in turn fixating more on a ground game attack – would that attract a different type of defensive coordinator?

Yours truly listed out some options here last month – Paul Rhoads has since been hired at UCLA, Randy Shannon at UCF and that leaves Van Malone floating around and Chad Glasgow at TCU as possible options.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Desmond Mason talks art and life context….Take a look at the fun stuff teams did around their bowl games….How a college coach handles being fired well….No Pokes made ESPN’s All-Bowl team….BleacherReport says the Big 12 is one of the top three football conferences in 2017

I’m going to miss having a human like this on the OSU sideline.

These are incredible.

Baylor appears to be safe from losing their coach for now.

A neat moment for a kiddo that’s gone through more than most.

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