Daily Bullets (January 12)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Multi-Pronged Solution

The defensive coordinator problem/solution may not just be about getting a different guy in the chair.

Maybe he thought that if his program can record 10 wins with a defense ranked 99th, what might happen with a defense that could bear at least a slight resemblance to Alabama’s or Georgia’s?

While Gundy begins the process of identifying Spencer’s successor, he also might reconsider his stance on spring- and preseason-practice procedures. Rarely do the Cowboys do any big hitting and actual tackling while on the practice field. There always is the injury consideration, and Gundy understandably wants to preserve his best personnel.

At the same time, a more physical Oklahoma State defense probably would be a better Oklahoma State defense.

This is a statement of the overwhelmingly obvious, but better recruiting also is essential. [TulsaWorld]

What would Mason Rudolph have done with the 80 percent of a Georgia defense? It feels like the defenses have been progressively deeper and more talented from a depth perspective but just not collectively achieving to an expected level.

Replacing Glenn

Shout out to the incredible human that is Glenn Spencer – none better – but here’s OSU insider Robert Allen’s brief thoughts on context and who Mike Gundy will look to replace him.

Gundy now looks for the fifth defensive coordinator in his tenure. Gundy started out with Vance Bedford (2005-06) followed by Tim Beckman (2007-08), then Bill Young (2009-12) and then Spencer.

My guess is Gundy will look for a proven defensive coordinator on the Division I level, perhaps at the Group of Five level. I would also think it would be a defensive coach used to playing with a spread offense and against spread offenses. [GoPokes $]

Give me a Group of Five up-and-comer over the proverbial experienced Bill Young-type.

Something interesting could be if a change in offensive philosophy with a new quarterback affects the hire. If Yurcich gets more leash to tutor Spencer Sanders into a Zach Zulli-Harlon Hill Award winning type, in turn fixating more on a ground game attack – would that attract a different type of defensive coordinator?

Yours truly listed out some options here last month – Paul Rhoads has since been hired at UCLA, Randy Shannon at UCF and that leaves Van Malone floating around and Chad Glasgow at TCU as possible options.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Desmond Mason talks art and life context….Take a look at the fun stuff teams did around their bowl games….How a college coach handles being fired well….No Pokes made ESPN’s All-Bowl team….BleacherReport says the Big 12 is one of the top three football conferences in 2017

I’m going to miss having a human like this on the OSU sideline.

These are incredible.

Baylor appears to be safe from losing their coach for now.

A neat moment for a kiddo that’s gone through more than most.

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  • OSU Student

    Here’s the amount of points that we have given up in our losses in the Rudolph era.-

    49, 45, 58, 48, 38, 35, 38, 44, 62, 45.

    Hard to say the defense wasn’t the reason for any of those losses. The offense could have been better in some, but giving up an average of 45+ in your losses screams that it is a defensive problem that needs to be fixed. Your offense should not have to be forced to score 50 points every game just to have a chance to win. Just holding teams to the mid 20’s would easily be good enough to win with the offenses we have. And you can argue that the offense had a chance to win two of our three loses this year, and that would be true the offense did blow opportunities against OU and KSU, but in the TCU game they cut the game down to six points and then, on third down, with all 60,000 in the stadium knowing a run was coming, the defense gave up a 40 yard TD run to ice the game. It woulda been a long shot but also had 2 timeouts with over a minute and a half left to stop OU, and gave up a 60 yard TD run.

    • David

      My goodness that puts it all into perspective.

  • SingingCowboy

    For any truly interested in the topic covered in the last bullet, “Comprehensive and insightful thoughts on the unworthy poor”, I recommend reading “The Tragedy of American Compassion” by Marvin Olasky. The book was written about 20 years ago, but as the article points out, the problem is certainly not a new one.

    • David

      Olasky has a flawed view. If you give something then one should never feel entitled to get something back. Wealth is more often than not inherited by luck (I completely understand this is not always the case, but the stats show it’s a reality) and his outlook is a simple control mechanism. A lot of churches are the same way by using a soup kitchen to bribe people to their religion instead of simply feeding people because they are hungry and it’s the right thing to do.

  • davids

    I think a great recruiter could be the answer at DC.Several candidates that look good. Who can bring in the most talent

  • Wayne from Forty One

    PFB here’s a story idea for you, why don’t you look at what has gone on at John Marshall Football. That is such an incredible story with a group of Poke football players stepping in and building a really good program that is grounded. Rashaun, Donovan and Asi have built something extremely special and their young men do an excellent job of representing the value of hard work and tenaciousness. Let’s celebrate someone getting it right, not that you don’t anyway, but it would be a nice look.

    • David

      I’d like to hear more about this!

  • Forever 14

    Don’t understand the gratuitous slap at Bill Young. Did the author not see PFB’s own graph? OSU’s defense took a quantum leap forward under Bill Young, who left an elite program at Miami to come home to OSU. His defense got us to the Fiesta Bowl where we beat Andrew Luck’s Stanford team. Is there any reason to believe that 2013 defense wouldn’t have been as good or better under Young? They were after all his recruits who had come up under his coaching since they got to OSU. Also clear from the mediocrities that followed, 2013 owed nothing to anything Spencer brought to the table.

    • Gallagher? I Hardly Know Her!

      I didn’t see it as a slap as much as stating a personal preference, as many of us have. I think we can all recognize Bill Young was a good DC with skills and flaws just like everyone else. I took that as Steven saying he’d rather have a Gundy take a gamble on a young promising talent as opposed to paying big for an established name?

  • MNcowboy21

    Maybe I’m reaching here, but I wonder how much of an impact our offense had on our defense. It seemed to me that one of the major issues was that our defense was on the field a lot more than usual because of our hurry-up offense and quick scores.