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Daily Bullets (July 1): USC/UCLA Pull an OU/Texas, Pods vs. Divisions in New Big 12

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

College Football Update:
– UCLA and USC are reportedly heading to the Big Ten
Poacher’s guide to a gutted PAC-12 – sign me up for Oregon, Utah, and the Arizonas
A PAC-12/Big 12 merger could help programs survive
– Roundtable on what this all means for the Big 12
– Could Oklahoma State get into a 20-team super league?

My take – here’s the dream scenario. Matt Hinton gets it.

Maybe the SEC pursues Oklahoma State to join OU in the league or adds other Big 12 schools. “Everything that seemed impossible just a few years ago is now a possibility,” an industry source said about any future realignment moves.

[Action Network]

Lots of takes on this – here’s one on where this could be headed for the Big 12:

Solid piece looking at how Cowboy Football fares after its biggest seasons

• So glad I picked yesterday to write a piece comparing pods vs. divisions in the “new” Big 12

• Totally agree with this take on Oklahoma State’s place in a rejiggered Big 12:

OSU will thrive provided Mike Gundy has another four or five years of coaching in him, and that the Cowboys keep Chad Weiberg as AD as long as the Sooners have kept Joe Castiglione.


• The Cowgirls added a commitment from an Oklahoma girl earlier this week, also from a pitcher that played at Alabama

• Marcus Smart chafed at folks decrying his value as a non-point guard

Non-OSU Bullets

“Is your reading and research supplementing your actions or substituting for them? Research is useful until it becomes a form of procrastination.”

James Clear

This dad has it figured out:

Woo buddy – a fun day in sports offseason yesterday:

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