Daily Bullets (July 13)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Good Not Great

Gundy got the raises for his assistants he was holding out for… but is it enough?

In the most recent batch of raises for Oklahoma State assistants, offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich received a raise from $500,000 to $600,000, while defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer got a boost from $600,000 to $675,000.

By comparison, the SEC had at least ten assistant coaches making $800,000 last season, with six making over $1 million per year.

To put this in more of a Big 12 football perspective, Oklahoma State spent $3.31 million on their assistant coaches last year (up to $3.64 million this season). At Iowa State, the university paid their football staff $3.23 million combined last season. [Heartland College Sports]

While OSU is competitive in the Big 12, it’s hard to imagine assistant coach pay (and the resulting continuity) doesn’t factor into recruiting.

A Shot at the Belt

Tulsa at Oklahoma State is perceived as the American Athletic’s best shot at making some noise.

Remember how Houston’s season-opening beatdown of Oklahoma last year spiked the AAC’s street cred (at a time when the Big 12 was considering expansion, no less)? This game could yield a similar result. [Tampa Bay Times]

Seems to be a hot take considering AAC teams will play at Michigan and Notre Dame… right?

Backup Battle

Mike Yurcich lines us out on where the backup quarterback battle stands.

“That is the million dollar question and the one I get hit on the most,” Yurcich told me a couple of days ago. “It is a good question and one that we are going to continue to try and figure out going into fall camp.

It has been determined that it is between Taylor (Cornelius) and Keondre (Wudtee) right now. That is where we are at right now and that battle will continue in fall camp.” [GoPokes $]

The article mentions expecting a redshirt for the already bulky (6’6″, 240 pounds) Jelani Woods and John Kolar being out of the race. Feels a bit like a Clint Chelf vs. JW Walsh competition.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Jawun Evans talks about his NBA Draft experience….OSU’s playoff contention discussed in this ESPN pod (~18:30 and 33 minutes)….CBS picks the Pokes last in the Big 12 in preseason power rankings….Ole Miss dumpster fire update: coach and university┬ásued by (Cowboy alum) former head coach Houston Nutt

Mercy, more air than (Air) Bud.

Rickie’s the best. Here’s his Open wardrobe.

Stillwater Southwest: an OSU transfer, former OSU commit and a freshman. And all our old offensive line commits.

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  • David Einstein

    That roast was hilarious.

    • kspokesfan

      Sometimes the truth is a little hard to swallow.

  • austinpoke

    There’s no way we finish last in the conference in hoops.

    • Chris Putnam

      Agreed. TCU 3rd? …because they won the NIT, that’s a big jump.

  • Mark

    Calling Texas A&M “Stillwater Southwest” is an insult to OSU lol

    The reason why Tulsa beating OSU is considered the AAC’s best shot at making some noise is because the other games (Michigan & Notre Dame) are considered impossible victories – so this isn’t really a hot take as much as it is an insult to OSU.

    Whittle Kevin got his feelwings hurt! LOL

    • Guest

      Not to mention it isn’t West of Stillwater.

    • smh

      Completely incorrect, Mark. Tulsa is considered the favorite to win their division, and compete for the AAC title. It’s the highest pairing of AAC vs. Power5 this year. THAT is why the game is ranked at the top. Cincinatti is going to be awful, so the chances of beating Michigan are extremely low. Navy beating Notre Dame doesn’t do much for the AAC b/c ND expectations are way down this year. Add in that Tulsa @ OSU is the only one of the 3 games played on Week 1 – when attention is maximized for the start of the season. Even Thursday night games have big TV draws, bringing more eyeballs to a potential win.

      Insult to OSU? Labeling them as a giant that would be great if they AAC could beat them? Hardly.

  • OrangeTuono

    +20 yard passing completions – the raw numbers:
    Rudolph – 61 completions
    Mayfield – 61 completions
    Longwhorn – 34 – can’t even hold Rudolph or Mayfield’s jock strap…

    • CowPoke

      But still somehow “BCS dark horse”, like they are any year regardless of the fact THEY LOST TO KANSAS!

      • OrangeTuono

        What I chuckle at is that the Whorns have not had a QB since McCoy that would make the 2-deep at OSU, OU, or Baylor.

  • OrangeTuono

    Both Cornelius and Wudtee are considered Pro style passing QB’s regardless of running ability.

  • OrangeTuono

    Coaching Assistant Raises:
    These raises likely just maintain our Assistants at par with the rest of the National programs.
    The only Big 12 programs anyone should be comparing OSU’s coaching salaries against are OU and Texas, maybe Baylor. No one else is competitive year in year out with OSU.
    Comparing to Iowa State is an insult to the program we have now.

    • scott

      You should read the article. The comparison was to ISU b/c they’re salaries were at a comparable level as ours.

      • OrangeTuono

        Not a ding on the author. It’s a statement that our top 10/20 team has anything at all in common with a program like ISU.