Daily Bullets (July 16)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Crown Contenders

Take a look at a couple of things that should help the 2017 Cowboys get to the top of the Big 12.

The schedule includes home games against Kansas State and TCU, and that’s a good thing when you’ve got one of the nation’s top passing attacks.

Consistent defensive play is the biggest factor, and if the Cowboys get it, then ESPN’s college football analyst just might be onto something. [Des Moines Register]

In a league known for prolific offenses, where you play the staunchest secondaries is an underplayed aspect.

All in the Eyes

While Robert Allen spoke glowingly of Ramon, an awesome Mason-quality was brought to light.

(Ramon Richards) has made Mason Rudolph have to play different with him being at safety. I think it has actually made Mason better because he has had to look guys off and look left when he is throwing right.

Some NFL guys can’t do that but Mason has because if you look one side then Ramon is going to cover some 40-yards of ground and he’ll go from number to number and get to the ball. [GoPokes $]

Had to leave in the Ramon hyperbole but Mason looking off guys has to be a huge part of throwing one interception per 56 attempts.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Bixby offensive lineman just sounds like everything you want in a lineman….NewsOK dives into the wide receiver depth chart….San Francisco paper thinks the Cowboys are a solid dark horse pick….Mark Stoops thinks grad transfers should have to sit….Is the ACC Atlantic the new SEC West?

The Voice of the Cowboys tells off SI (after they reduce their print by more than 35 percent this year).

Garth’s the best, just the prototype Cowboy/Oklahoman.

Happy for this former Cowboy to get back out there.

Semi-interesting bit by OSU on life on the road for coaches.

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