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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (June 17)



Bullets (and content) will be fairly light the rest of the week since I’m in Tacoma for the US Open (Kyle Boone will carry you).

Football Misc.

Baker Mayfield is dating an OSU soccer pla…oh my gosh when does the season start? (NewsOK)

Emmanuel Ogbah is definitely capable of a 15-sack season, even if he draws more attention from opposing linemen, and his disruption creates opportunity for Jimmy Bean at the other end spot. (ESPN)

Ranking the college football hot seats. Gundy’s is not warm. How things have changed since pre-Bedlam… (CBS)

Weeden on busting his ass and the best D he’s ever seen. (PFB)

Dez is really going to throw away $800K because he’s not getting a long-term deal? (Dallas Morning News)


Jenks WR has OSU in his final three. (PFB)

Good interview here with the OT from Kansas who just committed. (Scout)

US Open

15 things you need to know about this year’s US Open. (CBS)

Why Rickie Fowler could win. (PFB)

What I love about the US Open. (CBS)

Other sports

TCU barely lost to Vandy on Tuesday. (Big 12 Sports)

CRFF is doing their own Bullets now. Very cool. Will definitely be a read for me. (CRFF)

More stuff I’m reading

Hey, one of my (Internet) friends runs a really cool Big 12 blog and needs some contributors. You should help him out. (Land Grant Gauntlet)

Gawker’s moment of truth. Really interesting. Gawker generated $46 million in advertising revenue every year?! (NYT)

I liked this picture for some reason. (Kleon)

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