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Daily Bullets (June 19): Most Viewed of the Week, Wolff Climbs to -1 Back, Big Time Receivers Visiting Stillwater

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order.



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order


U.S. Open: Matthew Wolff is -1 from the lead, Viktor Hovland is out 

Three Thoughts

• Really cool to see Matthew Wolff playing so well after taking an intentional break – here’s why an ESPN writer believes Wolff could win the US Open:

Wolff’s game seems perfect for this setup. Plus, he has the ability to go low. He had eight birdies in the first round — tied for most in any opening round of the U.S. Open in the past 15 years. He tossed in four more in Friday’s second round. Unlike Thursday, Wolff largely avoided big mistakes in the second round, with only one bogey. He also had zero three-putts after having three the day before.


• It’s really fun to see the Pokes in on these two big-time wide receivers for the 2022 football class:
Four-star that decommitted from Texas A&M visiting Stillwater
Receiver that if committed, would be the highest rated receiver since Dez Bryant

• While it gets lost in the “all of Joe Wickline’s groups were good” jumble, it can’t be understated just how good the Oklahoma State lines were with Russell Okung:

In each of four seasons with Okung at left tackle, Oklahoma State led the Big 12 in rushing. In 2006-09, as Okung made 47 consecutive starts, OSU allowed the fewest sacks in the Big 12.

Having worked the OSU beat at that time, I saw every play of Okung’s career. I know what he was: the best offensive lineman ever in Stillwater.

Two Quotes

• This quote from the OSU Football team doctor sounds like something you could have heard the rest of us say over the last year:

“Nobody had been through anything like this,” Iven said. “There was certainly no blueprint to guide any of us as to what we were about to experience or what we needed to be doing.”


• Cool to see the freshman flamethrower making the national team:

One Question

• Would you be excited to watch Cade Cunningham play for the OKC Thunder? If for no reason other than watching the former Cowboy in-state 41 times each year…

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 OSU transfer Trey Rucker accused of assault

• No. 2 Daily Bullets from last Sunday on Gundy’s Pool Party

• No. 3 A look inside Gundy’s $1.8m home

• No. 4 Cowboy Wrestler is headed to OU

• No. 5 Ranking OSU’s top-ten impact players for 2021

Non-OSU Bullets

This”map of music” is pretty cool – good for helping you find new artists
• Has American Renaissance begun? (NYT)
• Gus Malzahn being at UCF does make them more appealing as an expansion candidate to me

“Motivation often comes after starting, not before.
Action produces momentum.”

James Clear

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