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Daily Bullets (June 24): Pokes After a Big 12 Transfer, Remember Smart’s Time in Boston

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

Three Thoughts

Love to see OSU in on a stretch forward that averaged double digits in Big 12 play (PFB)

• Marcus Smart left an impact on the Boston Celtics – signing three contracts in a place is an NBA lifetime. Just check out all these different things people are saying about him:

• This must have been a ton of work to track down but terrific article showing where every guy who left Cowboy Football ended up and how well they did – spoiler Jelani Woods did the best (O’Colly)

Two Quotes

• The Big 12 announced their setup playing at Rucker Park this summer and Mike Boynton is enthused about the situation:

“I look forward to representing the Big 12 in NYC,” said Mike Boynton, head men’s basketball coach at Oklahoma State and a Brooklyn-native. “It’s an incredible opportunity for our conference to pour into a community with such a rich basketball tradition. I’m honored to be selected and can’t wait to see the type of impact we can have on the youth of my home city.”


Love the idea of getting Coach Mike into the four boroughs of NYC for recruiting – love that coat too (Twitter)

One Question

• With the NBA Draft on Thursday, who’s one Cowboy you wish that could have had a long career in the NBA?

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Non-OSU Bullets

• Something hilarious about DFW residents waking up to goats grazing in their yard
• These award-winning drone photos look amazing

Balancing being cautious and daring:

“One of the great balancing acts in life is to be cautious and daring at the same time.

Cautious enough to avoid stupid mistakes, prevent burnout, and maintain a margin of safety.

Daring enough to bet on yourself, to do the things you would regret leaving undone, and to be willing to be uncomfortable in the short term so you can learn and grow in the long term.”

James Clear

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