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Daily Bullets (June 29): Top Articles of the Week, Pokes Pull an Offer to Committed Recruit



The TulsaWorld hired a new beat writer to cover the Pokes (replacing Mark Cooper) – looking forward to reading his stuff. Here’s his Twitter if you want to start following.

Bullets Rundown

• Pokes pull an offer to committed recruit
• Zac Robinson, crown heir?
• Gajewski adds ACC pitcher of the year

OSU Bullets
• Most Read Article of the Week (No. 1): Football Recruit Not Committed after Offical Visit to Another School

This one caused a bit of a ruckus – when three-star athlete Myles Price took an official visit to Texas Tech after committing, he appears to have violated an explicit request from the Cowboys not to take official visits after committing.

There’s a couple of reasons I’m completely fine with this: you’re letting the young man learn some accountability for his actions and it’s so early in the process (seven months from signing day), he’ll have plenty of options.

Boone lined out in the article that there was some blowback on the Twittersphere but I promise OSU isn’t the only school with this policy, they’re just the only one with internal mouthpieces publishing when it happens.

• Most Read Article (No. 2): Zac Robinson for Head Coach

Z-Rob-for-Head-Coach was a necessary realignment of the fan base on who should/could succeed Gundy. By all means, JW Walsh was a great leader on the field and comes from Texas high school coaching royalty but he’s currently on a completely different trajectory than Robinson (small college ball vs. NFL QB coach).

Now – when Gundy actually retires in eight years, who knows where all of the individual branches of the Gundy tree will be. But from the 2019 angle, there’s one former QB who appears to be cruising towards viability and he’s worth discussing.

• Most Read Article (No. 3): Cowgirl Softball Adds ACC Pitcher of the Year

How perfect is it to replace Sam Show – your all-world pitcher that led you to a CWS birth – with the best pitcher from another major conference. It appears she’ll be eligible day one and will give Kenny Gajewski every opportunity to make some noise again.

Another couple of tidbits noted were OSU receiving another transfer from the state of Virginia, infielder Haley Busby, and that Tulsa’s head coach came over to be OSU’s pitching coach.

• Most Read Article (No. 4): Cowboy Basketball Adds Cannen Cunningham as Assistant

OSU adding the big brother of a five-star recruit is something (as far as I can remember) unheard of in Stillwater and could be a brilliant tactic. It happens regularly in NCAA Basketball and while it’s not guaranteed to pay off, it’s a material advantage you’ll take for a program-changing talent like Cade Cunningham.

Another angle is that if it doesn’t work out, Boynton likely made the hire to have another recruiter on the staff.

• Most Read Article (No. 5): Class of 2020 Cornerback Commits to the Pokes

Jim Knowles adds another cornerback that’s 6’1″ or over in Korie Black, and one who is top 50 at his position to boot (No. 37 cornerback in the class per 247). This was a heck of a deal as OSU landed his stud offensive lineman teammate, the No. 26 guard in the class.

OSU’s success is contingent upon finding the right cultural fits, getting them in the system and watching them blossom after year two in their program. You can see Black putting on some weight and being a quality piece for the Cowboys.

Non-OSU Bullets

• As a runner, these thoughts on why “doing it alone” resonated a bit

• I agree with Tramel – Boston is better off with Kemba Walker

• Good faith-based read on questions to ask concerning a balanced Christian life



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