Daily Bullets: Let’s dance

Written by Kyle Porter


Must read on Markel. It’s Jenni’s wheelhouse and she nails it. I want him to get a Tourney W. (NewsOK)

The Nodaksta-OU game was a war. (Big Lead)

I do love me a great locker room dance. (Deadspin)

[Ford’s] future may be tied to how Oklahoma State performs this weekend. But, in reality, that’s really not much different than it is for every college basketball coach. (Tulsa World)

Great (smart) recap of the first day. Defense alone won’t get it done. (Sports Illustrated)

Sweet tip-dunk by Oregon. Ducks and Flyers kept me from going 16/16 yesterday. (Big Lead)

This GIF of the Nodaksta coach is the greatest. (Deadspin)

Good matchup preview here by Kelly Hines. I can’t believe Few’s career record is 402-99. (Tulsa World)

Marcus: “These are a group of guys that I got a bond with that will never be broken.  These guys are one of the best I’ve played with in the country as teammates and as friends.” (ASAP)

Yeah this is concerning…everybody is tagging us pretty hard to win and give Arizona a great game.. (Slipper Still Fits)

Mason on the Zags: “I marked Joel Embiid, so… you just have to be ready.” (NewsOK)

LOL, 0.2% of brackets are still intact. How’s that $1 billion looking? (CBS Sports)

John Stockton’s kid: “Obviously we’re going to get overlooked a little bit and that’s how we started, that’s how Gonzaga started, and it’s fine with us.” (ESPN)

Are we just bad in late, close games or have we actually learned from them? (NewsOK)

Photos from yesterday’s practice. (Flickr)

Mrs. Pistols picks the Final Four. (PFB)

What a headline. (Yahoo)


Sounds like a wild night at the NCAA Wrestling Championships. (Scout)

This free kick…. (Deadspin)

A brief history of blogging. (Web Designer Depot)

Gerald Green, my gosh.

Le’Bryan talks about his game (is this a hostage situation?)

Shootaround from yesterday.

  • Joel Dastro

    I’m one of the .2 %. Only upsets I need today are OSU and S.F. Austin.

  • Patrick Richards

    Here’s to giving coach few a hundredth loss he’ll remember.

  • davids

    Kruger is now 0-5 in post season at OU. Does it seem kind of strange that Clark, Hield and Hornbeck were more touted recruits than Markel but no one says much about it? Tough loss for OU. I think I read they were one of only nine teams that started the same starting five all season.

    • willham

      and now their streak is safe.

  • Oklahoman

    Kruger’s 0-5 post season record at OU is concerning as an OU fan/alum; however, the team is still young and should get better. Alas, this is an OSU blog, so go State. Someone needs to represent Oklahoma well in this year’s tourney…