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Daily Bullets (Mar. 15): Mike Boynton Exits Stage Left



Cowboy fans (me) looking at Bill Self’s Wikipedia page today. 
OSU Bullets
OSU fired Mike Boynton yesterday after seven seasons in charge (PFB) • All the Boynton-Exit content you can handle: – Top five moments of the Boynton era (PFB) – Five potential replacements (PFB) – Coaching replacement lists: Five thoughts on the NCAA wrestling brackets from an OSU perspective (PFB) • Wild coincidence – Travis Ford was let go by St. Louis yesterday (TulsaWorld) • Why Big 12 schools wouldn’t leave for the ACC – but the opposite is logical (HCS) • Another take on the buyout – why not wait until after 4/1 to buy out Mike Boynton:  • This makes sense – no idea about the claim’s credibility but you want to be able to negotiate and beat others to the candidate you want
Non-OSU Bullets
• Frontier Airlines will let you guarantee an open middle seat next to year • Pioneer Woman lists out the most searched “pie” in each state You can’t convince me Chad Weiberg didn’t read this quote yesterday morning:
“If you know something’s going to work, it’s not worth working on. It requires no courage. It requires no faith. It requires no skin in the game. Whether you’re a spy or a teacher or a spouse or a painter or an abuela or an astronaut or a monk or a barista or a board-game designer, the bits that matter are the bits you make matter by putting yourself on the line for them. The unknown is the foundry where you forge your chips. Everything important is uncertain. Sitting with the discomfort of that uncertainty is the hard part, the wedge that can move the world.”
Eliot Peper

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