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Daily Bullets (Mar. 20): Boynton Roster Building Qs, Do OSU Seniors Want a Bonus Year?



Covid-19 hit the Oklahoma State family – Marcus Smart tested positive but doing well.

Bullets Rundown

• Do winter seniors want another year?
• Big Russ goes east
• Boynton’s building his roster

OSU Bullets

• While the NCAA isn’t leaning towards giving winter sport seniors a bonus year, would players want to stay for another year?

The seniors in our state, while expressing disappointment over missing March Madness or a chance at it, weren’t excited at coming back. In interviews in recent days, none — not Doolittle, not (Lindy) Waters, not (Cam) McGriff, not (Thomas) Dziagwa — seemed enchanted by the prospect.

“If that opportunity would come, it’s definitely something I would think about,” Waters said. [NewsOK $$$]

Wouldn’t it be more interesting if players were raving, crying in the streets for another year?

• Missed this Wednesday – Russell Okung got moved to the Carolina Panthers for an all-pro guard

• As Mike Boynton molds his roster, this concept couldn’t be more right on.

…There are guys who are going to be squeezed a little bit next year positionally that it would be quite bad to lose because they can be contributors in the future. There are also guys who would classify more as projects that you’d be OK with losing.

I’m fine with the latter but not with the former… [PFB]

The response goes on to note a transfer ready to come in and contribute is needed – totally. I’m not sure what camp a eurobig currently on campus fits into but it’s an interesting situation: now or later?

• Cowgirl basketball has another two-time All-American

This simulator is fun – look at a potential Big Dance bracket and teams’ chances of making a run (plus a guide to the tournament that never happened)

• This felt insane in the moment that OSU was torching an SEC secondary – but it was an NFL quarterback throwing to an all-time great Dallas Cowboy (too strong?)

Non-OSU Bullets

• This was helpful for me – how the coronavirus differs from the seasonal flu
• Finished this non-fiction read yesterday – really good from the writer who wrote The Power Broker and the Lyndon Johnson bios
• Faith-based piece here on self-esteem vs. self-worth

I liked this quote: “In a world where information is abundant and easy to access, the real advantage is knowing where to focus.”

Who owns America’s gas stations?


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