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Daily Bullets (Mar. 29): How Much Money Has the Big 12 Lost?

It’s a significant (but not yet catastrophic) amount.



Day 13 of quarantine — I’m considering ranking the best equestrian horses in Oklahoma State history. Send help please.

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• It looks like each Big 12 school will lose around $1.5 million because of the NCAA Tournament cancelation if I’m reading this Oklahoman article correctly. But (and this is the biggest “but” possibly in NCAA history) ….

“Anything that I say regarding finances has to make the assumption that we’re gonna be back to playing football in the fall,” Bowlsby said. “If that doesn’t happen, the underpinning of what we’ve known as normal goes away and we’ll have major changes to make.”

• I don’t think it’s an unreasonable take that COVID-19 could potentially end college sports. That sounds like complete insanity, but follow the clues in this article and tell me where they lead.

• I enjoyed this video content from KB on Mike Gundy’s five highest-ranked recruits.

• My employer has A.J. Green going in the sixth round to Jax.

• Sounds like the basketball HOF ceremony will still take place.

• One benefit of coronavirus time is that it gives Berry Tramel time to dive into the archives and write pieces like this.

Bring me all of the five stars.

• In case you missed it, we’re giving away: PFB+ subs | Coffee | Chris’ University gift cards. Also: How to support PFB through COVID-19.

• Lol at this.

• This is not wrong.

• 👀

• Something I wrote for our church: God has never changed and he never will.

• Books I’ve been reading during COVID-19: Bad Blood, Ride of a Lifetime.

• This is insane.

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