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How to Help Pistols Firing as We All Walk Into an Uncertain Future

Thank you (as always!) for your support of Pistols Firing!



I’m not going to write about this every week, I promise. With the unemployment rate graph shaped just like a James Washington fly route, you don’t need to hear from every single small business owner every single week on how things are going.

However, I did want to put some easy evergreen ways for you to help PFB — and more broadly, our company White Maple Media out — so here are those ways.

• Register for and participate in our forum — It’s free, and it’s fun, and it’s good community at a time when there’s nothing we need more than that. Register here. Jump into the convo here. This is massive for us as we try to become not just a sports media website but also a place for great conversation and community.

Subscribe to our podcast. Rate it. Review it.

• Tell all your friends to do those first two things. Seriously!

• Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Again, these are all free ways you can massively help our success and future success here at PFB.

Buy something from our store.

Comment on this post to enter to win a free PFB+ subscription.

• This is the not-free one. It should come as no surprise that ad revenues are falling off the planet. Companies that were spending on digital ad buys are no longer spending. With good reason. That’s a lot of our revenue.

So if you feel inclined to join PFB+, we would really appreciate that. It’s 50 percent off from now until the end of corona using this link. Also, if you want to purchase a gift or two to give away to somebody else, you can contact me via email at kyle dot goodwin dot porter at gmail dot com.

Thank you for your support of Pistols Firing as we all work through this together.

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