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Daily Bullets (Mar. 29): Serious Candidate Emerging for Pokes, Cowgirls Beat No. 2 Texas



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.
Softball: Cowgirls 5, Texas 0
OSU Bullets
• It appears the Cowboys are closer to landing their new head coach as OSU has found a ‘serious candidate’:
While Oklahoma State has not officially acknowledged a hiring, there are strong indications that Lutz soon will be introduced as the 21st head coach in the program’s history, the 11th since Mr. Iba retired in 1970 and the fifth since the Eddie Sutton era ended in 2006. [Tulsa World]
Cowgirls win a big one over No. 2 Texas to start the series (PFB) • Per his high school coach, OSU could have a star on their hands with their new quarterback from California (Newspress) • Three things Marshall Scott is excited to learn during OSU’s spring football (PFB) • Big 12 pro day was yesterday – waiting for reports on how the Cowboys did:  
Non-OSU Bullets
• Glory awaits us – an Easter reflection (faith-based) Solid thoughts on types of problems:
“I split problems into two groups: muddy puddles and leaky ceilings. Some problems are like muddy puddles. The way to clear a muddy puddle is to leave it alone. The more you mess with it, the muddier it becomes. Many of the problems I dream up when I’m overthinking or worrying or ruminating fall into this category. Is life really falling apart or am I just in a sour mood? Is this as hard as I’m making it or do I just need to go workout? Drink some water. Go for a walk. Get some sleep. Go do something else and give the puddle time to turn clear. Other problems are like a leaky ceiling. Ignore a small leak and it will always widen. Relationship tension that goes unaddressed. Overspending that becomes a habit. One missed workout drifting into months of inactivity. Some problems multiply when left unattended. You need to intervene now. Are you dealing with a leak or a puddle?”
James Clear

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