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Daily Bullets (March 3)



Baker’s Sentencing

Berry on a possible suspension for QB1 in Norman:

Now comes speculation about a possible penalty from Bob Stoops, and that’s what interests me. The concept of discipline is interesting, because suspensions are usually the first thing that comes to mind. But are they best form of punishment?

If Stoops sits Mayfield for all or part of the Sept. 2 opener against Texas-El Paso, that would be a serious punishment. You only get a precious few Saturdays in which to play this game. You work literally all year – summer and winter workouts, spring and autumn practice – for the chance to play 12-14 games a year. Missing one of those games is no small thing.

But if Stoops suspends Mayfield for UTEP, he’s punishing more than Mayfield. He’s punishing Orlando Brown and Dimitri Flowers and Caleb Kelly and every other Sooner who walked the straight and narrow, and who didn’t act like a fool in the Ozarks.

A quarterback is different. A quarterback has a special status on a football team. Increased value. Lose a tight end for a game, and it hurts. Lose a quarterback for a game, and it cripples. [NewsOK]

So darn many angles to this (and I can’t get my orange glasses off) and we’ve cooked that turkey pretty well, but I disagree with Tram.

Don’t suspend a deviant college kid because you’re into second chances (or third or fourth for your All-Big 12 corner and you open at Houston). Don’t suspend him if there’s internal protocols in place that everyone is accountable to. But don’t avoid disciplining a player so his bad behavior doesn’t affect his teammates because you’re negating one of the best parts of a team sport.

Player of the Year Talk

Jawun getting a shoutout here in the player of the year conversation.

With Selection Sunday only 11 days away, we asked four of our college basketball writers to give their Player of the Year picks so far. A consensus emerged regarding who the leading candidates are but not the order in which they should be ranked.


  1. Frank Mason III, Kansas
  2. Josh Hart, Villanova
  3. Lonzo Ball, UCLA
  4. Nigel Williams-Goss, Gonzaga
  5. Caleb Swanigan, Purdue

I hated this list as soon as I finished it, because I had to leave off the entire Atlantic Coast Conference and Oklahoma State’s Jawun Evans, and neither of those things feels right. [Yahoo]

To be even “receiving votes” in that conversation is a spectacular thing. Very soon real people will have to pick a Big 12 player of the year between Jawun, KU’s Frank Mason, Baylor’s Johnathan Motler and Iowa State’s Monte Morris.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Baylor adds an NFL expat to their offensive staff…. Footage of an NFL combine interview (this is what I picture watching a game with our Thomas Fleming to be like)…. A couple of Big 12 games (non-OSU) pushed up to Black Friday…. Interesting bits on who the next Texas AD could be (Castiglione?)….Briles released a quote on Wednesday but Mulkey’s was much better….Cowboy golf won big down in Cabo

“You’re living in a fantasy land. (if you don’t think seeding is about #buttsinseats).” I feel like this whole bit could have been a Travis Ford post-game after the Oregon game in March 2015.

These would have been so legit to give out to intramural football and basketball champs.

Cowboy Tennis knocks off a top-ten squad, impressive stuff.

Incredible 61-foot shot last night, what Forte will do in the Big Dance (probably).

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Other Stuff I’m Reading

Interesting piece on how the  “Treat Your Self” concept came to be…. WSJ wrote on Cheseapeake Energy co-founder Aubrey McClendon’s estate, which is “surely one of the largest and most complex ever to wind through probate”…. You’ll never think about (foot)ball control via running the ball the same after reading this

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