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Daily Bullets: Must read on the Big Monday broadcast crew

Markel has work to do, Uihlein with a crazy hole-out, David Glidden looks up to Wes Welker (surprise!)




This piece on the Big 12 Big Monday crew is exquisite. You have to read the Holly Rowe story about Frank Martin. (Big Lead)

This looked like a super-fun court-storming fight.. (Deadspin)

Markel, there is work to be done. (Deadspin)

Updated Thursday: Jerry Palm has OSU (comfortably?) in the tournament as an 11-seed. (CBS Sports)

Get a head start on your sure-to-be-trashed bracket here. (Yahoo)

Markel on his last two games in GIA: “It’s kind of heartbreaking it’s coming to an end.” (NewsOK)

I hope Jay Bilas takes on the 35-second shot clock rule. It’s so ridiculous. He also talks about OSU’s tourney chances. (NewsOK)


This Tebow phone call violation is awesome. (CBS Sports)

Interesting look at how yards after catch impacts Big 12 offenses. (ESPN)

Kliffy raps. (CBS)

Control that message, Gundy. Hey, I’d do the same thing if I was in charge of a program. Also, Robert Allen somehow shoehorns ESPN, Bleacher Report, and his own site into the same sentence. (Scout)

I am shocked that David Glidden looks up to Josh Cooper and Wes Welker. (okstate)

Jake Trotter says we have the worst special teams in the Big 12. Can’t really disagree. (ESPN)


Holy crap, this photo of LeBron is incredible. (Big Lead)

Pokes beat Zags 2-0 on Thursday. Unfortunately not on a banked 25-footer as time expired. (O’Colly)

Pretty interesting article on the prayer that goes down before Thunder games. (New York Times)

I missed this last week but Kristen Wiig is great..

I’m not sure how this Peter Uihlein chip went in..

This was a year ago yesterday. The net does not move.

Maybe my favorite thing about Spring Training.

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