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Daily Bullets (Nov. 24): What to Cheer for Today as an OSU Fan, What Mike Gundy is Grateful For



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

TV crew and details, betting line, and more for tomorrow’s game against BYU (PFB)

Weekend college football watch guide for OSU fans
Here’s what the Cowboys need from today’s football games: Texas to beat Texas Tech, kickoff at 6:30pm CST. If that doesn’t happen, OU needs to lose to TCU, kickoff at 11am CST  (PFB)

• It was said earlier in the week but couldn’t agree more with what Mike Gundy is grateful for concerning OSU Football: 

Gundy added one more thing: “That we figured out how to run block. That’s made it a much funner year.” [Sellout Crowd]

Quotes around the Cowboys’ offensive line development from the folks involved (TulsaWorld)

• Pretty wild that OSU opens against the top team in FCS next year. Worth noting this is pre-graduation/transfer portal getting ahold of the roster. 

(Faith-based) Thanksgiving Bullets

Thankfulness and other habits (faith-based)
• Making your wants primary < mourning your idolatry (faith-based)
• Give thanks against temptation (faith-based) Fun quote here from the Dallas Cowboys’ kicker (a Dallas native) on getting to play in the Thanksgiving game:

“I always have had the Cowboys on in the background of our Thanksgiving celebrations,” (Brandon) Aubrey said Monday. “So, to be a part of that now is special and something I’ll cherish.” [CBS Sports]

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