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Daily Bullets (Nov. 28): Ten OSU Things I’m Thankful For in 2019



Happy Thanksgiving – make sure and point out any orange decorations as a Cowboy-theme for the holiday and enjoy your day from us at PFB 

Bullets Rundown

• Chuba one-cuts
• Winning/losing with grace
• Mike Boynton’s persona


• MBB: Pokes 86, Syracuse 72

OSU Bullets
• Chuba’s Patience and One-Cuts

Watching this guy stalk gaps then explode through them is truly epic. He can wiggle a little bit but his speed and strength make him hard to bring down when he gets his foot set in the right place at the right time.

• A Fan Base That (Generally) Wins and  Loses Well

This is probably the ultimate “little brother” comment but I always make this argument: Oklahoma State fans aren’t arrogant because if they’ve been around long enough, they’ve been disappointed.

Walking into Jack Trice Stadium in Iowa this fall, I was stopped by an ISU fan who just raved about her family’s experience in Stillwater. We tend to treat others well, win or lose, and I love that about OSU.

• Mike Boynton’s Persona

We all see what Mike Holder saw in his interviews with Mike Boynton now. There’s charisma, confidence without arrogance, an authenticity that Boynton carries himself with the resonates with the Oklahoma State fan base.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s recruiting lights out, too.

• Tylan Wallace’s with a Ball in his Hands

There’s no way I’m not going Iowa State, right?

Tylan is a complete wide receiver. He can be a possession guy and a yards-after-catch guy. Precise route runner and enough athleticism to be dangerous on a jet sweep.

• 90 Win Club Membership

Not only is OSU in the elite club of winning ninety-games since 2010 but just enjoy this list of teams below them:

Teams that haven’t reached (and won’t reach) 90 wins this decade: Texas A&M, Penn State, Michigan, USC, Virginia Tech.

• Teams that haven’t reached 80: Florida, Iowa, Miami, Nebraska

• Teams that haven’t reached 70: Texas, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Arizona, Tennessee

• Teams that haven’t reached 60: Arkansas, Colorado, Syracuse, Purdue, Iowa State [PFB]

Texas is 24 wins worse than the Cowboys!

• Mike Gundy’s Schtick (and Loyalty)

Other than the winning (see the 90 win club), these are two of my favorite Mike Gundy qualities. Mike Gundy makes media interactions fun with a high percentage of his dad jokes and commentary landing.

And on top of that, he’s been around for a decade and a half. Surely greener pastures have presented themselves but his continued investment in the program has led to it’s golden decade.

Spencer Sanders in the Open Field

It’s darn near breathtaking, isn’t it? The cross-field pass to Tylan in Corvallis was when we knew Sanders had an arm but the long, scrambling run against Texas let us know he was a difference-maker on the ground as well.

• A 7 p.m. Bedlam Kickoff at BPS

It feels light night games of significance are few are far between. As if a rivalry game isn’t enough to get excited about, primetime TV and a national audience will do the trick.

I loved how an article on the site put it earlier this week:

Boone Pickens Stadium has become one of the premier spots nationally (nationally!) for big-time, in-the-spotlight games late in the season. Fireworks on and off the field and 60,000 people thumping their seats and the walls of the arena. It’s a show.

You’re not getting that at West Virginia or Texas Tech or Iowa State like you are at Oklahoma State. When I think primetime November football with teams that are collectively 18-4, it’s easy to envision BPS lit up with Chuba flexing on Parnell Motley and Trace Ford going blow for blow with No. 1. [PFB]

• Jim Knowles’ Blitzes

Don’t just limit it to the sacks. Watching quarterbacks get knocked down multiple times each drive is fun. Feeling like the defense is aggressing and moving towards breaking an offense as opposed to being consistently beaten down is just more pleasing to watch.

Plus those blitzes are the forerunner for turnovers, and I’m thankful for those too.

• That this isn’t my mascot/fan base:

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