Daily Bullets (November 14)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Deceptively Deceptive

Pound for pound, Justice Hill may require more defenders to take down than any in the country.

A second defender arrives, and a third one appears to finish the play from behind. But Hill squirms through them. He gets away at the 44-yard line. With Dillon Stoner blocking in front of him, Hill accelerates, sprinting past (No. 3) as he reaches the 30-yard line along the right sideline.

He keeps his pace, attempting to run through the last Iowa State defender between him and the end zone. It takes three Cyclones to finally haul him to the ground at the 1-yard line. And three plays later, Hill uses another second effort to score the touchdown anyway. [Tulsa World]

The discussed play was truly incredible. He’s more cut than when he arrived but he doesn’t look like Perine or a Georgia running back – and that may be what throws defenders off.

You wouldn’t project him to be on the Barry Sanders squat plan either.

A Real Thud

Oklahoma State’s defensive ups and downs have been big this year – but are some of the strengths (well-rested, not injury prone) and explanation for the weaknesses?

The issue is this Oklahoma State defense often has long periods in games where the other offense seems to get into really comfortable periods of success.

I’ve watched a lot of this and I think those periods of success can be summed up with two issues, poor tackling and missed tackles and lack of pressure applied at opposing quarterbacks. There is no doubt that the Cowboys defense has suffered at time all season from poor tackling.

Head coach Mike Gundy takes the bullet for this as he prefers not to put his tacklers or his skill players through the risk of lots of full speed tackle football and that begins in fall camp as Oklahoma State goes easier, maybe easier than most on full contact drills and scrimmaging. The goal is to stay healthier and I think it is reasonable to say that Oklahoma State does that. [GoPokes $]

So thud over tackling leads to less players injured but lesser tacklers on Saturdays? A tough call.

OSU and NCAA Notes

ESPN goes Cowboys vs. Catholics in the Cotton….Iowa State head coach goes all class, taking no shots at the refs….Best and worst coordinator hires of 2017….Six candidates for the Tennessee job….Opening betting lines for Week 12 in college football….Pokes at second (HCS) and third (ESPN) in some Big 12 power rankings

I’d put $$$ on a Big 12 receiver bringing it home over the rest.

At this point would getting an invitation to NY be an accomplishment? I say yes.


Seems like a good fit to me.

How he falls into the end zone just breaks your heart.

Leftover from the weekend: why are bad offenses more respectable than bad defenses?

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