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Grading the Uniforms: Week 10 Vs. Iowa State



Oklahoma State wore the Barbed Wire helmet for the second time this season (this time with the orange facemask). They are 4-1 in the Barbed Wire helmet after defeating Iowa State on Saturday.

Helmet: B


I still can’t decide if I like this helmet and it’s driving me crazy. I think I like it with the black facemask and don’t like it with the orange facemask. I thought it would have been interesting to see them take the gray facemask from the homecoming helmet this season to match it up with the gray pants, but I don’t know if it would make it any better.

Combo: B


This combo is similar to what we saw against Texas Tech. After six full years of never seeing Black – White – Gray, we’ve seen the Cowboys wear two versions of it this season. Against Tech, there seemed to be a lack of orange. The Barbed Wire helmet gave us a little more orange, but it seemed out of place.

Overall: B
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