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Grading the Uniforms: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech



Oklahoma State busted out the away version of the uniforms that were worn in the Central Michigan game last year. I was not nervous at all.


Helmet: A


I have 16 OSU mini helmets in my office and I think it’s about time to add this one to the collection. It has been one of my favorites since its first appearance vs. TCU in 2015.

If I had to choose between this helmet with the Phantom Pete and the same helmet with the Badge logo, I’m going with the Phantom Pete. Phantom Pete has grown on me over the years and this particular helmet benefits from not having an oversized logo. If this helmet ever gets treated with a chrome Brand logo, it’s over.

Combo: B


I’m surprised we haven’t seen this tri-color combination before. It might be due to the fact that it doesn’t look too much like OSU when there is minimal orange. With the previous uniform template, the gray pants still had an orange accent in the stripes. The numbers were orange on the white away jersey. With the updated template, there is no orange in the gray pants and the away jersey only has orange as an outline to the black numbers.

I don’t hate it, though. If you have 1,945 uniform combinations, you should wear them all. This particular combo didn’t scream OSU, but it was a good combo.

The equipment staff does a really good job of working gray into the uniform throughout a season so that it’s not overused. Many Oklahoma State fans are not fond of the Cowboys wearing gray, but the color needs to be utilized. Gray is part of the uniform scheme because of concepts like Phantom Pete. They go together. It’s good to see gray every once in a while, especially if the players and recruits love it.

Overall: A-
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