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Grading the Uniforms: Week 6 Vs. Baylor



The Cowboys have worn unique throwback helmets for Homecoming for the past four years and it has become my favorite tradition. This season, Oklahoma State went back 60 years for a 1957 classic. Before the 1957 season, Oklahoma A&M changed its name to Oklahoma State University. The Cowboys finished with a record of 6-3-1 that year.

Helmet: A

Oklahoma State helmets have come a long way in six decades, but how great were those throwbacks? The number font was awesome even if it didn’t match the modern font. It’s what you’d expect to see out of a throwback helmet.

The gray facemask on the white shell made it look old, but it still came together with the modern uniform as a whole. Hayden Barber’s tweet sums up the way we should all feel about the magic the equipment staff has done over the past four Homecoming games:

Combo: A+

It’s hard to believe with all the combinations Oklahoma State has at its disposal that this is the third time in three home games that we’ve seen the Pokes run out in a White-Orange-White combo this season. It’s even harder to believe that we haven’t seen a Brand logo since Homecoming last season.

Overall: A+

Bonus points for the socks.

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