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Daily Bullets: Reaction to the APR news

This might not be that big of a deal, Josh Holliday is the man, who will replace Marcus Smart?




Here’s the story on the APR thing. I would link to GoPokes (who had it first) but they’re behind a paywall. If I’m looking at this correctly, it will definitely be a one year deal. (NewsOK)

Mike Holder: “We are taking steps to ensure that our APR numbers improve moving forward. We are accountable for what we do and, ultimately, we are here to serve our student-athletes and do our best to keep them on track to be lifelong contributors to society.” (ESPN)

This on how the loss of practices might not be that big of a deal is solid. (B/R)

Pat Forde lights fire to Stillwater. Rightfully so, probably. (Yahoo)

OSU is the only BCS football team and the only Big 12 program of any sport to receive APR sanctions this year. (Tulsa World)

Wow, the Jags gave Justin Blackmon’s locker to an undrafted free agent. (NewsOK)

The loss of a day of practice each week during the season represents a major blow to the Cowboys’ game week preparations — and will certainly do nothing to help Mike Gundy and Co. reclaim the Big 12 title that so narrowly avoided their grasp in 2013. (CBS Sports)

Brandon Chatmon with a good point here: The penalty couldn’t have come at a worst time for OSU, which features a roster full of young players who need every practice repetition they can get. (ESPN)

I think Lowe will make a hard push for that third free safety spot, but once again with today’s NFL, teams are more than likely going to go with the bigger, more linebacker frame safety than the cornerback of the middle of the field. (CRFF)

Part II of my email exchange with a Florida State blogger. (PFB)

Embarrassment might be the most immediate, and perhaps the most serious, impact from a penalty that requires OSU to lose one practice per week during the upcoming season. (Tulsa World)

It’s always fun to look back on the high school profiles of dudes who got drafted. (ESPN)

My thoughts on the NFL Draft. (PFB)


The question is, who replaces Smart’s production in the backcourt? The answer is “nobody.” (ESPN Insider)


Josh Holliday is just…awesome. Must read here if you’re not APR-ed out. (Tulsa World)

You can’t dogpile after a loss. (NewsOK)


We had a Big 12 track athlete of the week. (okstate)

11 alternatives to a four-year college. (Art of Manliness)

Spring football wrap up.

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