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Daily Bullets (Sept. 10): THAT Boise Game Changed the School Forever

Statue left, real OL thoughts and a debriefing from S. Bama.



You know what’s hard? Getting the Bullets out by 6 a.m. every day is hard. Props to Steven M. for grinding on this every single day. Big week this week. Hope you brought backup visors. Let’s go.

Gundy’s Real OL Thoughts

I wish RA could report all the things Gundy says to him.

Maybe the smoothie Mike Gundy devoured as he spoke to the media late Saturday night had cooled his take on Oklahoma State’s offensive line play between halftime and postgame. Before the third quarter began, Gundy told Robert Allen of the Cowboy Radio Network that his offensive line, “can’t block anybody.” [NewsOK]

I’m not as down on the OL as most. Look at the USA game last year when OSU ran it 33 times for 163 yards. Nobody panicked about that rushing game, which helped spearhead the No. 2 offense in the country and the most efficient O in school history. That was because we inherently trusted that offense in a way we don’t this with this one … yet.

Questions > Answers

Enjoyed this from Kyle Cox. A complete debrief from S. Alabama and what should we be looking for in Week 3 against Boise?

Somehow after two blowouts to start the season, we have more questions about OSU now than before the season opener. Can Taylor Cornelius continue to improve his decision making? Can OSU’s offensive line make lanes for its thoroughbreds run through? Why does OSU stink at special teams?

These are questions that won’t be answered until next week and later into the season, but I know for a fact that OSU can’t afford a sloppy performance like Saturday night’s if it wants to bridle the Broncos of Boise State. [PFB]

On THAT Boise game

Berry on Boise beating OU? /Subscribe

“I can’t say enough about that game,” said Boise State athletic director Curt Apsey. “It changed our program, our city, our state.”

But mostly, it changed a university. Whatever the pros and cons of intercollegiate athletics, Boise State is the model of what athletic success can do for an institution. And Boise State’s success stems from that New Year’s night in Glendale, Arizona. [NewsOK]

Sorry, I didn’t hear anything you were saying, Berry. I was too busy watching this.

OSU and NCAA News

Top plays from Week 2 in the Big 12 … Three straight for OSU soccerJimbooooooooooo … This on the art of substitution was solid … RA says he doesn’t know how good OSU is (same).

Different year, same Chris Carson.

Week 3 is v. good. Also, OSU is a 3.5-point favorite over Boise as of now.



The more you know.

What You Missed on PFB

Final notes and thoughts on the S. Alabama game.

• Rodney Anderson done for the year.

Boone and I jammed on QB1 and Tyron + Tylan last night.

OSU moves into the top 25 for the first time.

The 10 best stats from Week 2.

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