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Daily Bullets (September 11) – Offensive Line is Key, Boise Lining Up for their Super Bowl



Block and Deliver

For months, Mike Gundy and the crew has touted the 2018 offensive line as the reincarnation of a Joe Wickline-offensive line. It’s time to cash some checks that Mullet has been writing.

When the explosive (Justice) Hill gets to the second level of the defense, he’s capable of something special. No running back gets beyond the first level without a little help from his linemen.

“We still have to be able to block the six or seven (defenders) in the box,” Gundy explained. “We’ve got to get in front of them and move them out of there. We’re not doing that to where we need to be to play at a high level.

“Essentially, from this point moving forward, we’ve got to do a better job of getting squared up on those guys in the box. We’ve got to block them and give our backs a chance to get out in space.”

For several months, Gundy and his players predicted that the 2018 offensive line would be better than any of OSU’s five previous lines. It’s time for the prediction to become OSU’s reality. [TulsaWorld]

Now is it easy to get juiced about competing against the lesser-Gulf Coast area Jaguars? Maybe not. But the offensive line should have had their way with an outmanned unit on Saturday night. Rushing for 3.7 yards per carry is far from that.

Dress to Impress

When considering the angles for Saturday afternoons bout at BPS, one team’s non-conference test is far more to another opponent: validation.

This is a huge game for the Broncos, whose tradition has helped them earn an early ranking (No. 17) that gives them a shot at playoff contention. Now they have to win the biggest contest on their schedule, against the No. 24 Cowboys on the road. This is Boise’s only game against a Power Five opponent — and it matches the No. 1 and No. 4 offenses in the country. Dash pick: Boise State 51, Oklahoma State 48. [Yahoo Sports]

OSU and NCAA Notes

Cornelius is focused on limiting turnovers against Boise….College football is looking cloudy in the Sunshine State….Loved this headline after the Texas-Tulsa game….Boise’s win over UConn was Savanna State-esque when you look at the numbers….Former Cowboy wrestling commit swaps to the lesser OSU….Le’Bryan Nash has reupped with another Japanese team

Shine tearing it up at the North Pole.

Full-time football coach that moonlights at Tropical Smoothie Cafe and volunteers at the Humane Society and reffing intermural games.

Keeping your powder dry against South Alabama can only help to minimize risk.

As a double-Cowboy fan, this would be incredible.

Should see some movement on this OSU line.

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