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Daily Bullets (September 13)



Central Arkansas recap

10 thoughts on OSU-Central Arkansas. (PFB)

Jenni Carlson says tap the brakes on OSU’s season after it struggled against UCA. (NewsOK)

My notebook on OSU-Central Arkansas. (PFB)

No play showed how good Oklahoma State’s defensive line can be more than Jimmy Bean’s sack of Central Arkansas quarterback Taylor Reed. If Bean hadn’t wrapped his arms around the Bears signal-caller, Emmanuel Ogbah was going to hit him anyway. (Tulsa World)

OSU-Central Arkansas in one infographic. Love these from Michael Lane. (PFB)

Hard to believe that was OSU’s first 400-yard game at QB since Wes Lunt. (NewsOK)

Scouts representing the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks watched Ogbah record seven tackles. Also, I agree with Haisten’s assessment of that awful goal line offensive stand in the third quarter. Terrible. (Tulsa World)

Robert Allen looks to see if OSU met its (his) game objectives. (Scout)

Despite the struggles in the run game, combined with a concerted effort by the Bears to stop the run, OSU never used any misdirection until the first play of the last scoring drive in the 4th quarter (a reverse to Sheperd for 14 yards). They ran one jet sweep, and it was one of the worst designed plays ever. (CRFF)

The photo album from Saturday night. (okstate)

Stars out

Hey, Markel Brown and Rickie Fowler were at the OSU game. So was Marcus Smart. (PFB)

Here are all the prospects who were in Boone Pickens Stadium last night. Good roundup by Boone. (PFB)

Justin Thomas, who went to Alabama, was in an OSU shirt on Saturday night.

Mason Rudolph was strong

Good details here on Mason Rudolph’s night from Mark Cooper. (Tulsa World)

Rudolph nearly set the sophomore passing record and became just the sixth QB to throw for 400 yards for Oklahoma State. (PFB)

On the cowboy preacher who helped shaped Mason Rudolph. Good stuff. (NewsOK)

Chris Carson’s leap

Here are videos of it. (PFB)

And my goodness, what a photo.

David Glidden is just chillin’, bro.

Here are some of the highlights from last night. I like that Fox puts these on YouTube.


I was much  more enthralled with Tennessee-OU in the second half than I was with what was going on at BPS.

Now history may record the win as the moment the Sooners found a quarterback, a future and the return of … old what’s his name? … Big Game Bob. (CBS)

OU safety gives Tennessee fans the bird on his way out! (PFB)

I agree with this and we’ll likely talk more about it on the podcast next week.

Hoops news

Travis Ford is out here spewing stats! “I want to take that next step for our players and these great Oklahoma State fans. We’re one of just 22 teams to make the NCAA Tournament in each of the last three years, but we want more.” (okstate)

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