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Daily Bullets (Sep. 5): Enjoying OSU, A Hungry Matthew Wolff



Grass is Sometimes Greener

The grass may be greener on the other side of some fences but it’s certainly not greener in the capital of Texas than Stillwater or Norman when it comes to college football.

A decade later, “this is Texas football” means something entirely different.

After another disappointing loss to a mediocre team, the Longhorns are again the butt of jokes. Texas football is back? Yeah, back to losing. Har har, right? But as much as the Horns’ hardships cause amusement, they should also begat something else in our fair state.


Texas’ struggles magnify the successes Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have had over the past decade or so. Sooners and Cowboys alike have regularly been contenders for titles of both the conference and the national variety. Such sustained excellence should be celebrated, remembered and never, ever taken for granted. [NewsOK]

Some folks wouldn’t trade the national championship for a decade of wandering. But ten years of being competitive sure has been nice.

Outlasting the Competition

Cowboy golf star Matthew Wolff wasn’t discouraged by a spell of T5 finishes, he just waited his turn to win the Carmel Cup at Pebble this past week.

“It was really nice to finally get the job done,” Wolff said. “It’s been a while since I individually won a tournament.”

Coming up short so frequently can often discourage young players. In Wolff’s case, it only built up his confidence, because he knew he was eclipsed by good players. In his four second-place showings last season, Wolff lost to Texas’ Doug Ghim, USC’s Justin Suh, Cal’s Collin Morikawa and Hovland. (The latter three are ranked in the top 5 of the World Amateur Golf Ranking, and Ghim was a top-5 amateur before he turned pro this summer.)

“I’ve always felt confident because I kept on knocking on the door,” Wolff said. “I didn’t win last season not because I didn’t play well enough but because I kept running into people who were just a touch better than me.

“I think this year is going to be a little different.” [Golfweek]

I’m not sure what more you can do after being the freshman of the year and clinching the national championship. But it’ll sure be fun to watch as a Cowboy fan.

OSU and NCAA Notes

I agree with these power rankings – specifically for the Big 12 schools….College football’s growing problem: empty seats ($) via WSJ….Enjoyed Guerin Emig’s weekly column looking this week’s college football in Oklahoma….OSU track athlete found acceptance in her team….OSU climbed into the S&P top 15 – Boise looms just above….Andrew Heaney nominated for professional baseball’s humanitarian award

Give me black pants and this is top shelf stuff.

This one is missing the comedic value of the first three but you’d be hardpressed to find a more thorough breakdown of the Missouri State game.

See which Cowboys made PFF’s team of the week.

For the Cowboy fans in the Dakotas – see the Pokes near you.

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