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Daily Bullets: Should Gundy have skipped the ESPN media tour?

Markel Brown signs, so does Justin Gilbert, and Glenn Spencer for days.



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Big thanks to Michael Lane for the newly-branded Bullets. We have some more stuff coming over the next few weeks I think you guys are going to like.


I’m in on Gundy not going to the ESPN thing. Plus, the unintended consequence is that him choosing family over work and it becoming such a big deal becomes a recruiting pitch in and of itself. Good stuff. (NewsOK)

Kevin Peterson: “Anytime a Big 12 team beats an SEC team, it kind of kills the debate about who is better, especially with a team like Alabama being as good as they are and OU being able to get the win over there. It really tells a lot about the Big 12 and what type of athletes that we have.” (Tulsa World)

Kliff and Gundy going at it for East Texas kids? (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

All the photos from the media day golf tournament. Do you think Glenn Spencer dropped inspiring quotes before big putts for folks? Would be pretty awesome. (Flickr)

Do you ever root for OU? (PFB)

Loved this on Big 12 media days takeaways. Everything is spot on. (ESPN)

Justin Gilbert signs. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Big 12 players vote on the best pregame intros…. (ESPN)

What they said/what they meant from Big 12 media days. Part II coming today. (PFB)

I do like that “The Freek” is catching on as Tyreek’s nickname. Print the shirts, baby. (Fox SW)

We’ve done this dance so many times we can count the steps in our sleep: win, win, lose, win, win and win, ending with at least nine wins and between one and four losses. Oklahoma State flies in under the radar; the radar picks the Cowboys up in October and November; by December, the Cowboys rank among the league’s best. (USA Today)

I thought this on how Steve Sarkisian left UDub was pretty interesting. (Yahoo)

Glenn Spencer: “Ryan Simmons isn’t afraid to lose a friend in the locker room because he expects to play great defense.” That’s the most Glenn Spencer quote ever. (okstate)

Gundy on recruiting: “You always worry about who you bring into your program. I think that’s the biggest concern for us; we’d like to have more access to really get to know them as a person and player, more than we really do.”  (ESPN Insider)

Good point here by Whetsell: OSU should be terrific in 2015. (CRFF)

Stoops is raising his shots fired game the older he gets. I love it. (NBC)

Like I said. (CBS Sports)

This profile of Brandon Weeden’s stint with the Browns is actually pretty good. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

What do the preseason Big 12 rankings actually mean? (PFB)

This recruiting pitch is really creative. I’m impressed. (CBS Sports)


There’s a “Heavweight” bracket for the MGM Grand Main Event this winter and for some reason OSU is in it. (okstate)

Markel signed a multi-year contract which is just the best. (NBA)

Random stuff

Berry Tramel doesn’t think Cleveland should deal Wiggins for Love. I disagree. (NewsOK)

18,000 kids in Oklahoma are home schooled? I used to be one of them. Enjoyed this quote: “The bigger picture is to teach them to love learning and to find information for themselves.” (Tulsa World)

I didn’t even watch this. I’m just assuming it’s the greatest.

Be inspired.

Sup, Hunter?

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