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Daily Bullets: What’s going on with Wickline?

AFH looms, the Weedens are expecting, Gilbert a top 10 pick (?), and the best photos from last night.




Mark Titus on why he feels like OU has always just been trying to copy OSU. Pretty funny. (Grantland)

Scouts don’t like coming to Stillwater. Hate it, actually. Via Pokelahoma. (Draft Express)

Nash on KU: “It’s going to be exciting. Knowing we’re coming off a win from last year, they’re going to have their crowd rocking. And we’ll come in there with the same attitude we had last year.” (NewsOK)

Why KU is poised to win Big 12 title No. 3982334823 in a row. (Rock Chalk Blog)

The best photos from the TCU game last night. (Flickr)

10 thoughts on the TCU-OSU game. (PFB)

Luke Winn says one of these eight teams will win it all. OSU not amongst them. (Sports Illustrated)

TCU’s coach: “Oklahoma State’s better than we are. They’re deeper and more talented. It’s important for me in my position that the kids understand that.” (ESPN)

Oh we cannot wait, Marshall. (Yahoo)

Comparing the best seasons in school history. (PFB)

Down goes Baylor. (CBS Sports)

Nash on his second half: “My teammates kept feeding me the ball trying to get me in a rhythm. I had a terrible first half. That was one of the key points to come out in the second half and get me going inside.” (Scout)


Awesome, the Weedens are expecting. (Scout)

This makes me very nervous. (Barking Carnival)

The final Big 12 power rankings have OSU No. 3 and OU No. 1 — that stings. (ESPN)

Well this news about an ISU assistant passing away is awful. (Big Lead)

Agree here that our standard for OSU football is crazy high. (Tulsa World)

Mel Kiper has Justin Gilbert going No. 10 in the NFL Draft. (ESPN)

Three strange tweets about Joe Wickline. (PFB)

So OSU is probably owed $720K for Wickline? (Austin American-Statesman)

It’s not your imagination, OU was the luckiest team in the country in 2013. (Football Study Hall)

How many times we gonna top this list? (CBS Sports)

This is certainly a twist on the Wickline stuff. (Tulsa World)

I’m probably misunderstanding the data but I don’t understand how OSU has such a high percentage here. (NewsOK)


Mike Trout is not fair. (Big Lead)

This story about a mad scientist and a magical putter is spectacular. (Grantland)

Mmmm….I hope this becomes a thing. (Deadspin)

The 10 most exciting films being shown at Sundance. (Deadspin)

How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves. This is so good. (QZ)

10 creative rituals you should steal. I like Nos. 1, 3, and 5. (99u)

300 documentaries that will expand your mind. (DIY Genius)


This is so good.


He even makes this look easy.

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