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Daily Bullets: Wrapping up the Smart incident

Plus some good football news, Holder’s chat, and how is OSU still in the tournament.




The joy is gone. Hard to see how it’s coming back. The NBA can’t get here fast enough for Marcus Smart. (NewsOK)

Dana O’Neil, scorched earth. Wow. And it’s good. (ESPN)

My thoughts on why this might be a good thing for OSU. (PFB)

Shelley Smith from Heritage Hall. (ESPN)

Here are some columns from over the weekend you might have missed. (PFB)

Oklahoma State as a 7-seed. (CBS Sports)

Here’s the official release from the Big 12 on Smart. “Mr. Smart’s actions were a clear violation of the Big 12 Conference’s Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct Policy. Such behavior has no place in athletics, and will not be tolerated.” (Big 12 Sports)

I lit Travis Ford’s tenure at OSU on fire here. I blame him for most of this. (PFB)

OSU is dropping faster than Felix Baumgartner. (Fox Sports SW)

Holder: “Some things are more important than winning and losing. Your respect you have, your self-image, all that, that takes a lifetime to build, can be gone in the blink of an eye.” (NewsOK)

Remember when “Melvin Ejim had 48” was a big story? (Sports Illustrated)

It’s a great life lesson for all of us. (Tulsa World)

Who is Jeff Orr? Pedro Gomez somehow escaped the throes of Pac-Bell Park and looked into him. (ESPN)

But Marcus Smart isn’t the only one who needs to learn from this deal. (CBS Sports)

Kevin Durant talks Smart. (PFB)

Time for Travis to go. Great post here by Whetsell in weaving a personal story with this narrative. I like. (CRFF)

The whole thing was an overblown farce from the start, a pair of bad decisions by two men that indirectly revealed as much about those reacting to it as anyone else. (ESPN)

I thought Holder was spectacular on Sunday. Especially compared to Ford. (PFB)

It shows the team has come unglued and there may not be enough Elmer’s glue in Payne County, or the entire state of Oklahoma, to put it back together. (Scout)

Frank Mason breaking ankles. I laughed out loud when I watched this. (Deadspin)

“The Push” is just a microcosm of what has turned into a worst case scenario of a season for Oklahoma State. (Rivals)

Here’s Desmond Mason on the incident. He and Holder should go on the road. (ESPN)

Let’s parcel out the indignation appropriately here: Coach Travis Ford and Oklahoma State seemingly have no clue how to manage Smart and help him regulate his passion. (Sports Illustrated)

GoPro video of the Smart incident. The Zapruder film of this mess. (PFB)

Mike Holder quotes. Read them all. (okstate)


OSU’s S&P projections for the 2014 season look good. (Football Study Hall)

I like it when somebody does these on old recruiting classes. Here on 2009. (NewsOK)

Clint Chelf is awesome. (PFB)


Not a good week of hoops at Oklahoma State. (O’Colly)

OSU got Bedlam revenge. (O’Colly)

Here’s the crazy HS sophomore who plays like KD. (Deadspin)

It only took four people to carry an injured Jared Lorenzen off the field this weekend. (Big Lead)

I can’t stand him but…wow.

Here’s Jay Bilas on Smart.

Saw this trailer when I went to see Lone Survivor last weekend (which was incredible, btw). Looks intense..

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