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Daily Mullets (December 26)



Austin Hays comes home

Good story here on No. 17.

More than a decade later, Hays was back, a fifth-year senior wide receiver in his final week of practice for Oklahoma State. There is something surreal about this — that Hays is finishing up his career by practicing on the same field where he remembers it beginning, as OSU prepares for the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 29 against Colorado. [Tulsa World]

Gary Barnett on how to change a program

For my money, these “Collected Wisdom” pieces are some of the best stuff the Oklahoman does. This one from former CU coach Gary Barnett is fascinating.

To have continuity in your players and coaches, usually that means your first recruiting class is a class that sticks together. You start training them early in trying not to listen to the older guys and trying to shoot for a goal of them being the ones that turn it around. Then being able to keep your coaches intact. [NewsOK]

CU-OSU History

Berry Tramel with a very Berry Tramel take here.

OSU’s 20-10 loss to Colorado in Stillwater [in 1976] was agonizing in method and consequence. How the Cowboys lost was an epic gut-punch. What the loss meant was equally so. The same game producing both results puts it at the top of the list. [NewsOK]

He tells how the game played out. Let’s just say I would have had more than 10 thoughts.

Five Storylines for Hoops

Heading into Big 12 play. This is a big one.

Big 12 schedule makers did the Cowboys no favors. OSU opens conference play at home, yet against No. 11-ranked West Virgina, in a Friday afternoon game the day after the Alamo Bowl. The new year brings a brutal beginning: at Texas, at No. 4 Baylor, home against Iowa State, at No. 3 Kansas. Phew. There are road trips to Texas Tech and OU, too, before January closes. February looks much more appealing, but the Cowboys must arrive there in solid shape. [NewsOK]

OSU needs to go 7-2 at home to have a good shot at making the NCAA Tournament.

Remembering Kate

Jenni Carlson wrote about our family over Christmas.

Last Christmas, he celebrated the birth of his savior while grieving the loss of his daughter. Even though that void remains this Christmas and will remain every Christmas hereafter, Kyle Porter now has a new chapter to his life. [NewsOK]

Jenni took a lot of time to interview me, get the whole story, figure out a good angle and then she wrote it really well. We are really grateful to her for that and glad to share that part of our life with others.

More OSU News

Pokes went to Spurs-Bulls on Christmas Day.

This is terrific.

More PFB

Jawun Evans stock is rising

More Stuff I’m Reading

Read Girl on the Train over Christmas (as good as advertised) … I love reading this year-end stuff on how other sites did in 2016

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