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Dana Holgorsen: ‘Night Games in Morgantown are Fun’

Beer at bars is cold.



Dana Holgorsen is one of the few Big 12 coaches with a winning record against Mike Gundy. He’s also no stranger to Oklahoma State fans. The mulleted one is coming off two straight Ws against the Pokes, and he’s ready for a third.

“I know it’s going to be a good time,” Holgorsen said about the game on Saturday. “It’s another sellout, and we are all excited about that. The last time we played here, it was a sellout, and it was extremely festive. Night games in Morgantown are fun …”

To call night games in Morgantown “fun and festive” is to say Eskimo Joe’s “serves up a couple of calories.”

“Coach (Mike) Gundy has done a great job of building that program to where they continue to reload with coaches and players, and they continue to win games each and every year.

“Mason Rudolph does a great job. He’s a big kid. He has a live arm, and he has great size. He has great accuracy. They are averaging almost 300 passing yards a game, so they are throwing it a bit. Coach (Mike) Gundy is the type of guy to run the ball as much as they possibly can.”

And then something that will give OSU fans pause.

“Oklahoma tried to establish the run, and we did a good job of shutting that down to the point where they had to rely on the pass game. Hopefully, the same thing happens this week. They are going to try to get the run game going, and hopefully, we shut that down.”

Not sure that’s going to be a big issue this week for WVU. But it goes both ways. West Virginia is really good at run game and, gasp, hasn’t thrown it as well.

“Offensively, for us, if you look back at what our issues were against Oklahoma, the issues that we had were protection in the pass game and tackles for loss in the run game. Well, we have an Oklahoma State coming into town that leads the country in sacks and leads the country in tackles for loss, so I don’t know how I feel about that as a coach.”

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