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Desmond Mason – Renaissance Man



Huge shout out to Christopher Hunt who is a cinematographer out of Oklahoma City. He produces @1614, a monthly live art show in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. Desmond Mason will be featured this Friday from 7-11 PM so by all freaking means get out and support your local artists!

If we’re being honest, I’d love to see more of, well, stuff like this video rather than Cris Carter and Jaws breaking down exotic blitz coverages for me on ESPNEWS all day and night. Sports, at its essence, is such an art form, I’ve always believed that.

So for my childhood hero to make that such a literal reality is such an amalmagation of raw beauty I can hardly take in what all of it means.

Do we oversensationalize the sports world and hyperbolize event after event after event (they can’t all be “the best game ever”)? Absolutely.

But to watch Kevin Durant hit a 19-footer is to watch an Arrested Development episode unfold is to listen to Marc Maron conduct an interview is to watch Desmond Mason hammer home an alley-oop is to listen to Ray LaMontagne is to read a David Foster Wallace essay is to experience Boone Pickens Stadium when it’s rolling.

All of it is just…art. That’s why I started this blog and why most of us love sports, whether we know it or not.

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