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Devon Thomas arrested for felony complaint of ‘shooting with intent to kill’

If this is proven to be true…gone.




Broken Arrow RB Devon Thomas — a 4-star that was one of the crown jewels of the incoming freshman class — was arrested on Wednesday on some pretty serious charges.

Here’s Corey Jones of the Tulsa World with the story:

“Thomas, 18, and three others are accused of robbing a victim at gunpoint about 4 p.m. Tuesday in the 100 block of East Madison, Broken Arrow police Sgt. Thomas Cooper said. The victim reported the suspects stole his marijuana, money, shoes and clothing and then instructed him to leave because they were going to ‘bust a cap.'”

“As the victim was leaving in his vehicle, one of the robbers fired at least one round into the vehicle, entering the rear windshield and nicking the driver’s head rest, according to Thomas’ arrest report. The report indicates the bullet narrowly missed the driver.

“The victim identified four suspects, telling police he has known them for several years, and said Thomas was the suspect carrying the gun.”

He’s being held on $125,000 bond.

And if all of this is proven to be true he has to be done at OSU, right? I mean we can’t have Prentiss Elliott 2.0 on our hands — not with what Gundy has built and the way in which he’s built it.

I mean it’s not like he swiped a couple hundy from a teammate’s bank account (and we know what that gets you).

The dude shot at somebody and nearly killed them.

Which, if I’m reading this correctly, what exactly was the point? You already had what you were coming for — weed, cash, and Jordans (I presume these are the only kicks worth stealing…I don’t see Devon Thomas, or anyone for that matter, swiping a pair of Asics). Then you turn around and blow off a few rounds just for the hell of it?!

Yeah, that’s not going to play well with Gundy.

Hope Northeastern Oklahoma State is fun.

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