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Dez vs. Lil’ Wayne



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So Dez is beefin’ with Lil’ Wayne and Co.? I mean who didn’t see this coming, right?

There are conflicting reports, which is absolutely stunning considering a high-rolling rapper and football’s second or third most notorious star are involved. The first says that Lil’ Wayne (I cannot believe I’m writing a post about Lil’ Wayne right now by the way…Big Wayne I could understand, but not Lil’) was taunting Dez about the Cowboys not making the postseason and his propensity for being splashed all over the news regarding immature behavior and unpaid debts (my words, not Lil”s).

The second report states that Dez actually owes money to Lil’, or a New York City investment company Lil’ is involved with.

I have a lot of questions/thoughts (who wouldn’t?) but foremost on my mind are these:

Who starts an investment firm in New York and says, “you know who we need to help bring stability, wisdom, and long-term viability to this company? Lil’ freaking Wayne!”?

There seems to be less dangerous people Dez could have issues with, no? Like maybe Tony Romo or Miles Austin. What’s Romo going to do, invite Dez over for dinner and tell Candace to go heavy on the paprika? “He’s allergic to paprika, honey, we’re gonna get him!”

In doing research for this post, I found out that Lil’ Wayne is a writer for ESPN, which honestly brings more hope for my career than you can possibly imagine.

It’s possible that this is all just a misunderstanding, isn’t it? I mean what if Dez just said he liked Tha Carter II better than Tha Carter III and this Brian Williams character (not that Brian Williams or even that Brian Williams) disagreed? No harm no foul, right?

This incident happened in Miami but thankfully for all of us, Pitbull is not involved. Not yet anyway.

To Dez’s credit he’s denying there’s any beef with any men, presumably Lil’ included.

I also found it extremely funny for some reason that Zac Robinson weighed in:

However this incident ends, whether it’s with a whimper or with Lil”s entourage kidnapping and holding Jerry Jones hostage for $50 mil and a pair of Thanksgiving halftime concerts, I have to say we are all winners today. Especially Wikipedia since they got “Lil’ Wayne” “Tha Carter II & III” “Lauren London” and “Nivea” pageviews from me. Glad you’re back up Wikipedia, and thanks for the help.

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