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Did Bill Young Get Fired?



Source: KTUL

Source: KTUL

All of you guys are leaping up and down as you read that headline, aren’t you? Our Twitter and message board rants finally ran him out of town!

Here’s the scoop…

How reliable is the source? No idea, his bio says he “is the #1 most interesting daily read for coaches, college athletic directors, and NFL front-office personnel.”

I’d love to knock him (because it would be so easy) but he looks like a hustler and that’s sort of kind of what this site was built on (hustle) so I’ll let it ride. Plus, he seems like he’s competent enough.

BBJ, who last week said to “look for one more change on OSU’s staff,” tweeted this at James Poling tonight…

So he…got fired?! That’s surprising considering Gundy’s response to this Young quote last week after the bowl game:

Young: Shoot, I’m going to coach until someone tells me I can’t. Gundy said he wants to have him back if that’s what Young wants. (NewsOK)

Also, on the rumors, Brendon Morris couldn’t confirm…

Gina (kinda) couldn’t either, though doesn’t “mixed messages” mean something’s up?

Whatever the case, I expect this to be resolved by the end of the week since Gundy is so good at squelching out coaching rumo…

Kidding, I expect it to be resolved ASAP. Hey, maybe Gundy can try his hand at the offense AND the defense next year.

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