Eight Thoughts On The Gundy Saga

Written by Kyle Porter

holder1. I don’t believe for a second that this was a contractual ploy for Gundy to get more money. He just went 7-5, and he’s already the 10th highest paid coach in the country! And they’re going to pay him more money now just because he and Tennessee engaged in some foreplay? Garbage.

2. How hard would you have laughed if 1999 me would have told you that the Oklahoma State head football coach said “nah, I’m good” to the Tennessee job?

3. People keep saying “Holder should retaliate! Call his bluff!!” — what does that even mean? Fire him and owe 75% of the $20+ mil he has left on his contract? Yeah, that’s totally going to happen.

Holder paid him last year and now Gundy is publicly shoving that in his face this year. I don’t care what kind of rift you have, that’s weak and embarrassing for the program.

4. Gundy is the 10th highest paid coach in college football (probably 11th after Bielema numbers come out), he’s been more than compensated for his work to date. Take a look at the list below of the 10 highest paid coaches and their corresponding winning percentage[1. These were taken from the USA Today database and might not be 100% up to date (Miles), but they’re close enough to make my point.] [table id=68 /]

Mack, Kirk, and Gundy are the lowest. Two are reviled by their fan bases and lucky to still have jobs, the other talks to anybody that will talk to him in the offseason.

5. Think this rift doesn’t mean anything to fans and is insulated from donors? Think again. This guy owns one of the $1 million suites in the west end zone and he’s not real fired up about the last few days…


6. All of this is allegedly over control of the non-conference schedule. Gundy would prefer to play three Savannah States, Holder would prefer not to. To the #TeamGundy people — I didn’t hear one person in September who was excited about playing Savannah State.

You have to choose one side or the other, can’t be #TeamGundy and still want the big boy non-conference games.

7. This entire thing has a very Laguna Beach-ish “but she took the guy I like to homecoming” feel to it. Am I supposed to believe three grown men, all of whom have helped make OSU a national program (not to mention all alums), can’t sit down in a room and work this stuff out? Maybe so, but if that’s the case, then the only end game is Gundy actually leaving at some point. So keep that Twitter page fired up for 2013…

8. Remember when Ford’s ridiculous contract was the only thing that could get our fan base riled up?


    #6…come on. Gundy does NOT want to play Savannah State. He would like to avoid playing Bama (or the like). I get it.

    • Kyle Porter

      @MFC_CRFF Gundy in August: “when they ask me, I say I want to play the three easiest teams we can play, and then play conference.”

      • David_H

        @Kyle Porter  @MFC_CRFF Yikes. Didn’t realize Gundy actually said that. Surely after the Arizona game he saw the error of his ways? (since the quote was in August)

        • MFC_CRFF

          @David_H  @Kyle Porter Here’s Bama’s NC schedule this past year…Michigan, W. Kentucky, Florida Atl, W. Carolina. We didn’t know it at the time, but Michigan was the equivalent of Arizona.

        • MFC_CRFF

          @David_H  @Kyle Porter Here’s Bama’s current NC schedule for next year, with what looks like a date to fill….Virginia Tech, Georgia Southern, Chattanooga.

        • MFC_CRFF

          @David_H  @Kyle Porter To put this another way, why jones for recognition from one high profile game at the beginning that can adversely affect your entire season when you can run the table and play a much higher profile game at the end and, win or lose, get credit for a great season?

        • Pschultz11

          @MFC_CRFF  @David_H  @Kyle Porter I seriously doubt one loss at the beginning of the season is going to hurt you if all you are looking for is a “high profile game” at the end of the year.

      • MFC_CRFF

        @Kyle Porter That’s a stretch. I’m willing to wear Sooner clothing for a year if Gundy says he wants to play Savannah State type teams. He’ll play Houston, Tulsa, ULL, even some larger programs like Arizona on occasion, but he doesn’t feel the need to play a game we could easily, or likely, lose. The only way Boise St or TCU could get recognition was by beating top teams. The Big 12 schedule gives OSU enough exposure for impressive wins that you don’t need that. OU played ND because they are OU and people want that from that level of program, but it really hurt them in the end. Who did Bama play this year? Ok, they played a high profile game against a high profile name with a mediocre team (Michigan), but it was no threat to them and their season. If you are Bama, or the like, and start the season in the top 5 every year, then fine, play big boys, cuz if you lose you are still in the hunt. OSU, not so much. We start 2013 #20 and lose to Mississippi State…done. He knows how the system works…win games and move up the chart…then handle your conference schedule. That’s tough enough as it is. I’m ok with that, and can wait until a big time bowl game to play the big boys.

        • Pschultz11

          @MFC_CRFF  @Kyle Porter Though losing early in the season is not near as bad as losing at the end. High risk, high reward.

        • MFC_CRFF

          @Pschultz11  @Kyle Porter True, but you need to start high. Impact is much greater for those lower down in the polls. If you start at #3, the sentiment is that your are really good. Will still get that sentiment, even if you lose. Start at #15, and you can drop out of the rankings all together with a bad loss that early.

        • MFC_CRFF

          @Pschultz11  @Kyle Porter Remember, people who are responsible for the rankings are NOT very responsible…they don’t watch most games, so reputation at the beginning is key.

        • Pschultz11

          @MFC_CRFF  @Kyle Porter For that very same reason, playing a weaker non conference schedule can hurt in the eyes of those voters.

        • ChanceDM

          @MFC_CRFF  @Kyle Porter This is why, if we ever got to an 8-12 team playoff, conference champs should get in, and not simply the highest BCS ranked teams.  That way tough nonconference games don’t penalize the team if they lose, but would actually help them in conference play.  The fans win.

        • MFC_CRFF

          @Pschultz11 @Kyle Porter Hasn’t hurt Bama.

        • Pschultz11

          @MFC_CRFF  @Pschultz11  @Kyle What is this a reply to?

        • MFC_CRFF
        • MFC_CRFF

          @Pschultz11  @Kyle That weak NC schedule hurts you in the eyes of the voters.

        • Pschultz11

          @MFC_CRFF  @Kyle That’s a completely different situation.

        • joelwelliver

          @MFC_CRFF @Pschultz11 @Kyle But what hurts more; a weak OOC schedule or a loss to a better team?

  • Nate24

    Please quit acting like you know all the details in this.  You don’t.  None of us do.  You make yourself look foolish when you try to act like you know it all and have enough information to “pick sides”.

    • Kyle Porter

      @Nate24 My bad, let me wait until I get all the information someone in my position can get [waits until death, dies, never posts again].

    • MFC_CRFF

      @Nate24 I think it’s perfectly clear that Kyle is not trying to speak from a place of “absolute” knowledge. We all have SOME knowledge and a LOT of speculation based on personal values, opinion, and experience around the program and school. That’s what happens in these battles…people pick sides based on what they want.


    And yes to #7.

  • Cincinnati

    I hope, for Gundy’s sake, he is getting what he wants now out of non-conference scheduling – or whatever it is.  I don’t care how much he is “out there” for future job’s, but the Tennessee AD now has egg on his face for being publicly spurned.  Tennessee is a great program, maybe not today, but traditionally.  How many future AD’s are going to seriously consider Gundy again?  Will they even bother to interview him?

  • osuaggie79

    This little pissing contest over the last week is about a lot more than just OOC scheduling; it’s got hard feelings from the contract negotiations last year rolled into it,  the salary differential between Holder and Gundy,  staff hiring, etc, etc.   Gundy needs to understand that he needs to rein in his agent and not having him shopping his name to every AD in Division I or he’s going to piss off his supporters that currently back him with almost a religious fervor and Holder needs to understand that if the alumni and supporters have to chose between a winning coach and a great AD, the AD is normally not the guy who gets you that little crystal football.

  • CRJ

    He he, foreplay.
    Gundy, just hum a few bars of RockyTop. Just for a minute. Just to see how it feels.

  • PatrickEnslow

    Kyle Porter love the Laguna Beach reference shows your age