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Eight Thoughts On The Gundy Saga



holder1. I don’t believe for a second that this was a contractual ploy for Gundy to get more money. He just went 7-5, and he’s already the 10th highest paid coach in the country! And they’re going to pay him more money now just because he and Tennessee engaged in some foreplay? Garbage.

2. How hard would you have laughed if 1999 me would have told you that the Oklahoma State head football coach said “nah, I’m good” to the Tennessee job?

3. People keep saying “Holder should retaliate! Call his bluff!!” — what does that even mean? Fire him and owe 75% of the $20+ mil he has left on his contract? Yeah, that’s totally going to happen.

Holder paid him last year and now Gundy is publicly shoving that in his face this year. I don’t care what kind of rift you have, that’s weak and embarrassing for the program.

4. Gundy is the 10th highest paid coach in college football (probably 11th after Bielema numbers come out), he’s been more than compensated for his work to date. Take a look at the list below of the 10 highest paid coaches and their corresponding winning percentage[1. These were taken from the USA Today database and might not be 100% up to date (Miles), but they’re close enough to make my point.]

[table id=68 /]

Mack, Kirk, and Gundy are the lowest. Two are reviled by their fan bases and lucky to still have jobs, the other talks to anybody that will talk to him in the offseason.

5. Think this rift doesn’t mean anything to fans and is insulated from donors? Think again. This guy owns one of the $1 million suites in the west end zone and he’s not real fired up about the last few days…

6. All of this is allegedly over control of the non-conference schedule. Gundy would prefer to play three Savannah States, Holder would prefer not to. To the #TeamGundy people — I didn’t hear one person in September who was excited about playing Savannah State.

You have to choose one side or the other, can’t be #TeamGundy and still want the big boy non-conference games.

7. This entire thing has a very Laguna Beach-ish “but she took the guy I like to homecoming” feel to it. Am I supposed to believe three grown men, all of whom have helped make OSU a national program (not to mention all alums), can’t sit down in a room and work this stuff out? Maybe so, but if that’s the case, then the only end game is Gundy actually leaving at some point. So keep that Twitter page fired up for 2013…

8. Remember when Ford’s ridiculous contract was the only thing that could get our fan base riled up?

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