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Film Session: Markel Draws A Triple Team



Markel Brown played the point last night (if you didn’t know that by now!) and this was just one of the many gorgeous passes he made. Let’s take a look at how it developed…

Markel is sitting with the ball up top as Cobbins directs Williams to the other side of the floor so he can go screen Christopherson for Markel. This might be literally the best spacing I’ve seen from OSU all season.


Notice as Williams clears, Nash and Keiton crash the goal (see circle) and cluster up behind Cobbins, there’s a reason for this. Markel and Cobbins execute the screen then separate.


This is the beauty of having Markel at the point. He now has three guys surrounding him as Cobbins turns around to set the screen for Keiton. Iowa State is screwed at this point. Go back and look at Iowa State player #2 (labeled above) though, if Keiton was handling the ball, there’s no way both #2 and #3 would have had to pick him up. Markel is about to have three great options by the way: Williams in the corner, Keiton over his shoulder for three, and Cobbins or Nash under the goal.


He waits as Nash draws his guy away, Keiton pulls his in, and Cobbins is left wide open. It took about a 1-2 count to develop but Markel nailed it and Cobbins finished with the slam.

Phenomenal hooping, and something I hope we see more of from double twos.

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