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Five of My Favorite Bedlam Moments of The Gundy Era



With Bedlam on deck I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the greatest moments in recent Bedlam history. Since Mike Gundy took over in 2005, Oklahoma State is just 2-9, but contrary to popular belief there have been some incredibly exciting games in the last decade.

Three of the last four have come down to the last minute of regulation and two of those have gone into overtime. This has been a thrilling game for quite a few seasons now.

This not meant to be an exhaustive list of moments, by the way. Not all of them came in wins. Not all of them are even football plays. I’m probably missing some huge ones. But these are five of the moments I think of when I think of this recent rivalry.

5. The Bradford Helicopter

This game was actually 44-41 with 10 minutes left after a Perrish Cox kick return. But OU pulled away with three scores in the last seven minutes. Bradford remains maybe the best college QB I’ve ever seen live, and he had 370 yards and four TDs to prove it. Still, this was one of the more memorable moments in recent memory.

4. THE Pick

You know, the one that got nominated for an ESPY. This was from the 2010 game, and I can promise you it was as insane in person as it looks in a GIF. Brodrick Brown flipped the rock to Shaun Lewis who Ramon Richards-ed it while a stunned Ryan Broyles looked on.

Also, this happened to Broyles shortly thereafter.

3. The Gilbert Kick Return

I’ll never forget this. That 2010 game was a slugfest, and my love for No. 4 has never been greater than when he answered Landry Jones with three minutes left. I was catatonic when I saw Gilbert see space. Then … gone. Of note: There were 34 points scored in the last eight minutes of this game.

2. The Tyreek Punt Return

Tyreek’s reservations in Norman with less than a minute left remain one of the most shocking endings to a game I’ve ever seen. Kick-Six is up there (Alabama-Auburn) and the CMU-OSU game is up there as well (although I’m trying to use psychotherapy to remove this from my brain), but The Cheetah stomping on Bob Stoops’ bowl game dreams remains maybe the most satisfying of them all.

I just remember laying on my keyboard for a full 30 seconds after it happened: iaejoidahduehruiahseiusughdaiuhdsadhioase

Also, this seems relevant.

1. That One Night In 2011

There is not really a single moment from that game because there were too many moments to note. Weeden2Blackmon, the Landry fumble, holding OU to 10 points — it was Mike Gundy’s masterpiece. The part that sticks out most, though, is “I Got a Feeling” coming on as the celebration unfolded in Boone’s (very large) living room. It was inevitable from the first quarter onward, but that didn’t make it any less spectacular.

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