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Five Things to Look for in Tonights Game



The Cowboys open the season tonight at 6:00 central time on ESPNU. We’ve already previewed pretty much everything you want to know (and don’t care to know), but here are some things I am looking for in the season opener tonight.

1. The offensive line

We’ve talked for wayyy too long about what this offensive line will look like by the time the season comes around. I expect a much improved line that will open up some gaps in the running game. But how well will they protect the quarterback? I don’t expect a perfect game, but with this level of opponent I don’t want to see QB1 taking many unnecessary hits.

2. Chris Carson

100% certain that this requires no explanation. Everyone wants to know what this guy can do, including myself.

3. Defensive agressiveness

The chatter leading up to the game is that the Chippewas have a QB who can play a little. For me, I want the defense to come out agressive and full of energy. Gundy has said that, “We have a chance to be pretty good on defense.” This is a great game to prove just that.

4. Play calling

I’m interested to see if they come out firing like they did in the Cactus Bowl, or try to set the tone early by pounding the ball with Carson and Childs. I expect a little of both, depending on where they find success early. If they jump out to a big lead early, I would expect to see the full spectrum of the running back depth chart.

5. I’m leaving this one up to you, the reader.

What are you most looking forward to for tonights game? Do you have any concerns about a specific area, or are national championship or bust? Let us know in the comments!


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