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Five Thoughts on OSU’s 41-2 Bedlam Wrestling Rout

OSU’s dominance over OU continued this weekend.



OSU drilled OU 41-2 on Sunday in front of a nationally televised audience on ESPNU. It marked the largest Bedlam margin of victory in 26 years in the series, and came with three pins from Nick Piccininni, Chandler Rogers and Derek White.

Here are my five thoughts on what happened.

1. OSU was really impressive

OU is down as a program, there’s no doubt about that, but OSU’s dominance shouldn’t be overlooked. They wrestled well. OSU got bonus where they could and won all the tight matches except at 141. Overall it was a solid performance.

2. For the sake of both programs, OU needs to improve

I’ve been called all kinds of names for this take, but it is not a good thing for OSU that the OU program is in this kind of shape. Naturally, OSU fans shouldn’t want to be on the opposite side of the rivalry and losing. But there’s a sharp contrast in the gritty competitiveness that we saw from, say, Wyoming a few weeks ago and what OU brought this weekend.

What OU brought was worse, and to an extent, it looks like the Lou Rosselli hire may not have been the best hire for that program. They have been doing some decent recruiting, Dom Demas is legit, and if they get a few of their best guys back that were out Sunday, they could bounce back win some duals, get on the right track, and salvage their season, and hopefully their program. It really needs to start looking better — for the sake of both OSU and OU.

As for now, it appears OU has good reason to only want to have to face OSU once per wrestling season.

3. John Smith is going to have a dilemma when Lewallen gets healthy

Kaden Gfeller has looked really good as the starter at 149, Kaid Brock has lost some matches at 141, and Boo Lewallen is a returning All-American. I wrote a little on Kaden the other day, but he’s a guy that shows up when given the opportunity and has really done well since Boo got hurt. So will John let him keep his spot? Will he give him a shot at 141 over Brock? Go back to Boo at 149 and Kaid at 141? I’m glad I’m not the guy who has to make that call. It will not be an easy one.

4. Preston Weigel looked strong in his return

Weigel has been out hurt for a bit. John teased at his comeback and said it would be this month, but wasn’t certain on the timeline for it. It was Sunday and though it was their backup he was wrestling, he looked solid and he dominated. I’m told they are playing it safe with Weigel this season to keep him healthy at the end of the year. He’s had injury issues in the past, so I think they were really being sort of extra cautious after he was dinged up in practice earlier this season. Good to see him back though.

5. Smith, Weigel and White are the first off the bus

Just look at these guys. If I’m out there, I’m going into Monty Python’s “run away” mode.

Jacobe Smith Bedlam2Weigel BedlamWhite Bedlam


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