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Frank Anderson – Gone



Photo Attribution: nebugeater

Oklahoma State has fired head baseball coach, Frank Anderson today after he failed to get his squad to the postseason for the second time in three years. Frank has actually done a pretty bang-up job considering he was working short-handed for much of his tenure.

Here’s how Frank’s teams did since he took over in Stillwater in 2003:

2004: 38-24
2005: 34-25
2006: 41-20
2007: 42-21
2008: 44-18
2009: 34-24
2010: 29-26
2011: 35-25
2012: 32-25

The closest he ever got to Omaha was in 2007 with the Corey Brown and Ty Wright team when when they lost 20-2 to Louisville in the third game of a super regional. His best record was actually in 2008 but that team lost twice at home in the regionals to Wichita State and didn’t advance to the super regionals.

He’ll leave with the second most wins (329) in school history though it never really felt like the program had an identity while he was there. There was never a sense of “this is who we are and this is what we do.” The entire thing was very…dare I invoke his name…Travis Ford-like.

And since it’s never too soon to get the rumor mill started, Kendall Rogers kicks it off with these three doozies:

We might as well bring Eddie and Sean back while we’re at it!

Another guy Amilian threw out there that I think would be a great choice is ORU coach (and former Cowboy baseball player), Rob Walton.

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